My first ever sampler (swatch)

Project Description

What are you most proud of? A sampler of almost everything I know. Cast on. Garter stitch. Stockinette right side. Stockinette wrong side. Ribs (wide). Stockinette. Big bumps for sweater (don't know what that is called) stockinette. Seed. Small ribs. Garter stitch. Cast off. :-D Now have to figure out how to block this. This is the first time I have ever knitted a whole skein of yarn! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Buy some really fat needles, and some really thick yarn and try it! Now that I have done this with the fat needles and yarn, I am able to do it with any size yarn and needles. Don't start with small needles.

What you will need

  • My first ever swatch using all of the stitches I know so far; stockinette (right side and wrong side)
  • rows
  • ribs
  • basketweave
  • seeds
  • ribs. It took me a few weeks to do this
  • and I was only able to do it by counting at the end of EVERY ROW to make sure I had not lost a stitch. It might not be too functional
  • but I am pretty proud of it. It's the first time I ever used a whole skein of yarn and finished something (knitting) that I started. Yea me!

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