Hippie Jasmine Shawl

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Follwing the instruction and this easy basic pattern I got exiting and surprising result, This hippie look isn't my style. I'm considering giving it away as a birthday giftt. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just go for it,. Find some nice thin yarn, make a few swatches with various size needles until you get the gauge and follow Kristin's instructions. The revelation comes when blocking. This is a great course and Kristin designed a basic shawl patternwith simple details, which can be used and varied in different future shawls and various yarns. But the kid mohair for Jasmine Shawl is the prettiest, so I asked Santa to bring some for Christmas.

What you will need

  • Rustic yarn from Netto: 80% wool 20% polyamide - length 210 meters per 50 grams. - needles size 7 mm.

Q&A with Sussu

ido asked:
This is so beautiful. What size needles did you use to make it so large. My was smaller. and not as pretty. Good job.
Sussu answered:
Thanks! I used needles US 10 1/4 or european 7 mm and then I wet blocked it stretched and pinned until completely dry.
Spalover asked:
I love the colors in this! I popped by to look because right now this is the only project showing on the class page with no ruffles and I thought it was a different shawl, and I'm not keen on the ruffles either I'm surprised Andersen to see the ruffles can just be discarded, you've inspired me take the class after all, thanks.
Sussu answered:
I like to "test knit" a shawl in plain fingering/sock yarn before getting involved in a lace weight project. Adding the two other tiers simply didn't work with this rustic type of yarn. On the other hand, they worked on the grey lace weight mohair shawl. So you see; the same pattern with different yarns = different shawls and you can add frills, jasmines, eyelets, omit them totally and customize your own original shawl.
Spalover asked:
Darned spell check....that is supposed to say "surprised and pleased", I have no idea how the spell check got Andersen out of that!
Sussu answered:
Ha ha, your spell check must have known that I'm Danish
Cassy36 asked:
I love how this is more of a Hippy style, which is something I'd be more inclined to wear. I'm enrolled in this class, just have to find the right yarn :)
Sussu answered:
It's fingering, long selfstriping/varigated and spun unevenly - if that helpful

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