Some more rings

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? Getting the hang of working with a torch - it was really something I was nervous about but the more I work the more comfortable I get with it. I love trying new things, running with an idea and coming up with something really nice in the end. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Go with your feeling - I have projects I start that are nightmarish. Something goes wrong, I cut or solder wrong, and I just learn to step back and either try something new or come back later. I guess part of that is also patience, don't rush and it will all come together.

Q&A with Masselyn

Yumi Temple asked:
how did you add the settings onto the ring? did you buy or make the bezel, and then solder it on? these are gorgeous
Masselyn answered:
So very sorry for being absent for so long. I do hand create my bezels, though you can buy pre-made ones. I usually start from scratch with sterling silver sheet (measuring, cutting, filing, etc). Then once the bezel is complete, I solder it to the band (either sitting it on top of the band, or connecting the band at the sides). Thanks for the kind words, I have been trying all sorts of new things and expanding my collection - it's working out real well! :)
Kate Richbourg asked:
That's a lovely bezel!
Masselyn answered:
Thanks so much, Kate. That is lovely coming from an talented artist like you. Your videos started me on an adventure - now jewelry rules my studio and I love it.

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