Peace Ring

Project Description

Who is this project for? Unisex

What you will need

  • PMC3 silver clay
  • liver of sulfur

Q&A with Dr Nancy

Jenny Vestal asked:
Oh my gosh, it's wonderful! Tell us how you liked the ring maker mold, and how the ceramic stopper worked with the torch? (I've never used one with a torch before) You also did a really excellent job on your letters, it's always nervewracking carving into the clay, isn't it! Kudos on a great project!
Dr Nancy answered:
The mold was very easy to use. The greenware definitely needs cleaning up afterward, but the basic shape of the ring is there. I actually used a Speedfire Electric Mini Kiln for this rather than torch firing because of the ring stopper. When I''m carving the clay I just remind myself that if I screw up I can add slip, let it dry, sand it, and start over.
AkuaDesigns asked:
A ring! I've read about how-to --- just need to get to my kiln. I covet your lovely creation!
Dr Nancy answered:
Thank you!

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