My Tiny Front Garden

Project Description

What type of item is this? Plant or Flower How would you describe the style of your project? Outdoorsy How would you describe the style of your project? Eco-Friendly What are you most proud of? That I managed to fit so many plants into such a small space without looking too crowded or overwhelming my tiny house. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Use lots of compost and stay on top of the weeding! As always, have fun.

What you will need

  • Lots and lots of weeding
  • digging
  • compost and love!

Q&A with lpinchin

Woohoopepper asked:
What a beautiful garden!!!
lpinchin answered:
Thank you. My passion for crochet ebbs as soon as spring arrives and I can get out in the garden.
MomGrandma asked:
Love your garden and your house. Mom is surely smiling.
lpinchin answered:
Thank you. Things are popping up very early this year. We've had crazy warm temperatures but all of that is about to change. back to below freezing forecasts for several days. Hope everything survives!
Linda Atkinson asked:
I loved this! i would love to see pictures of your garden through the seasons. How long have you been working on this? I looks like a long labor of love.
lpinchin answered:
Thank you so much. I just posted a look at a few areas before (in the early spring) and after (about three weeks later). Its amazing how much change can happen in just a few weeks. I began gardening at this house 5 summers ago. So I think this is the year that I will have to be ruthless and thin things out. I hope to have a perennial sale with all proceeds going to Cancer Care.
Lisa Wood asked:
I love your house and garden - you do beautiful work - please continue to post ongoing growth progress.
lpinchin answered:
Thanks for your encouraging comments Lisa. I have tons of pictures from last year and just yesterday I was out taking some for this year. Having flowers blooming in Manitoba in April is almost unheard of so this is going to be an extraordinary year.