Blue Cat With Red Apples

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I teach the stitching techniques used for this project in my Craftsy class, "Free-Motion Machine Embroidery!"

What you will need

  • Magic Sizing starch; 1 yard cotton fabric; Medium-weight embroidery stabilizer; 9" no-slip hoop; 90/14 machine embroidery needles; Free-motion sewing foot

Q&A with Terry White

jfree35031301480 asked:
Terry White answered:
Thank you!
dmp100668691 asked:
Hi there!! I Enjoy peeping through your site and pick up classes once every so often. Lol
Terry White answered:
Hi there! I am here for your enjoyment!
Barbism asked:
That's one cool kitty!
Terry White answered:
I've been using my Jazz cat design for a long time...I've stitched him in probably ten projects over the last 25 years....I don't think I'm done with him yet!
Dizee asked:
Live ths too!
Terry White answered:
I'm glad you do!
dawnie warnie asked:
Brill, love this design
Terry White answered:
Love is good!....and thank you!

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