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Bring Your Watercolor Paintings to Life With Embroidery!

Separately, watercolor paints and embroidery are fun. But together? That adds a whole new dimension to your work. By combining the two media, your paintings can come alive with thread — and boast a unique sculptural effect. To do this, simply stitch a piece of watercolor paper in the same way you’d sew fabric — with a few little tweaks.

Learn how to embroider your artwork with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Watercolor painting

Supplies you’ll need:

Step 1: Begin your watercolor painting

Watercolor Paint

To begin your mixed media mashup, start with watercolor. Using your favorite watercolor paint supplies, select your subject. Look for something that has a lot of texture, or small details that would be enhanced by embroidery.

I painted a bouquet of fresh flowers. They have beautiful colors that are perfect for watercolor media. The small blooms and veins of leaves lend themselves well to fine strands of thread.

Watercolor Painting of Flowers

So, as you paint, use your watercolor to build the base of the image. If it’s your first time combining these techniques, go for mostly painting with some embroidery. But, be sure to leave out some details — don’t let your brush have all the fun. The simplified colors and shapes are areas to later embellish with thread.

Step 2: Select your favorite thread

Watercolor painting with embroidery supplies

Once you’ve let your paint fully dry, it’s time to start on the stitching. Select a few colors of thread and a needle. Additionally, you’ll need another needle or an awl, which is a multi-use tool that’s used to punch holes into materials like paper or fabric.

Step 3: Plan your stitches

Watercolor painting with embroidery supplies

Here’s the big way embroidering on paper is different than fabric: You will see every little poke you make. It’s daunting to start sewing on paper because it’s so unforgiving. If you make a mistake and stitch out of place, there will always be a tiny hole in your paper. Because of this, it’s best to plan out where you’ll be stitching and the holes you’ll use. 

Watercolor painting with embroidery suppliesWatercolor painting with embroidery supplies

Start by looking at your painting and determine where you’d like to sew. Then, using a pencil, make tiny dots on your painting. Avoid drawing the dots too close to one another. These are where you’ll poke your needle or awl.

Once you’re satisfied with the pattern, begin sticking all the holes in your paper. You can use a needle or awl. Personally, I like the awl because it has a handle. If you use it, however, be sure not to poke the holes that are too large. Otherwise, your thread won’t sit properly on the paper. 

Step 4: Play connect the dots!

Watercolor painting with embroidery stitchinga

Remember the game “connect the dots”? That’s the last step of creating paper embroidery.

Start by threading the needle and bringing it through each of the holes you made during the last step. Be delicate with your embroidery — paper doesn’t bend and stretch like fabric, so any creases or folds will show up later. 

Watercolor painting with embroidery supplies

Once you become used to sewing on paper, try some of your favorite hand embroidery stitches. Personally, I love the French knot. The technique is trickier on paper, but it can definitely be done. By incorporating these stitches, you’re adding even more dimension and texture to the piece.

Watercolor painting with embroidery supplies

Conquer a new craft!

Whether you’re new to hand embroidery or watercolor painting, we’re here to help! In our Startup Library classes you’ll get a beginner-friendly introduction to the craft, covering supplies, techniques and projects. Go ahead, take a peek.



What a gret idea! I would like to try acrylic on fabric with embroidery. I can’t wait to try this!

Linda Gagliano

I LOVE all the ideas I’ve been getting from the Blogs! Inspiration for painting, sewing, cooking, quilting, needlework! Giveaways and tutorials with intros to classes. I’m inspired every time I open my emails and I’m learning so much and having renewed fun and motivtion. Thank you Craftsy folks!


I would like to see someone do this on you tube. I paint in acrylic, watercolor, and oil.
I learn best visually this is really intriguing.


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