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Still life with glass

I did run out of white. The background should be a little softer.

You Can Make This

Margreet v TK made Still life with glass with:

Realistic Textures in Colored Pencil

Online Class

Realistic Textures in Colored Pencil

with Cynthia Knox

  • Lots of white and other color pencils. paper

Project Description

I did run out of white. The background should be a little softer.

Q&A with Margreet v TK

Cynthia Knox asked:
Margreet, this is superb! The glass bottles have been rendered so realistically, and are beautifully reflective. Nicely done. It's funny -- I just responded to this artwork in the Discussion section and indicated that my only suggestion would be to finish the background with a final layer going in the same direction. Had suggested a color or the white. And here you indicate that in your post. So you clearly have a good grasp on finishing touches as well as the blending and burnishing required to portray accurate textures. Great job!
Margreet v TK answered:
It is different to go from a one subjects drawing to an complete arranged drawing. Everything counts. Now I understand that it is better (or you must) think and plan before you start the process of coloring. Being more patient and having a possibility to see what the end result can be. Like an architect building a house.

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