Nell's Blanket

You Can Make This

Jenny Peters made Nell's Blanket with:

  • Acrylic yarn

Q&A with Jenny Peters

AngelRoseLite asked:
Love it, especially the color combinations! Is there a pattern for it?
Jenny Peters answered:
No, there is no pattern for it. It is just rows of different stitches and motifs. The daisies are from the Charity Daisy free pattern and the spots are just bobble stitch and I carried the bobble colour along the row. The others are just sideways shell stitch and a variation of it and granny squares. You could copy it from the photo. All the stitch instructions are available on the internet, if you can't do them. Just search for instructions. There are some great tutorials available.
patz in suffolk asked:
Wow! How I wish I could crochet like that! Gorgeous!
Jenny Peters answered:
If you can crochet at all, you could do this blanket. It is just basic stitches. If you would like to make one, I could coach you through email. Honestly, it is not hard at all.
marymel75 asked:
I loved it! Do u can send me the pattern, Jenny? I want try make this blanket!
Jenny Peters answered:
Non pattern, Just my own make up
eliyeli asked:
is beauttiful!! can you send me the pattern? please?
Jenny Peters answered:
Will try, My own pattern
maleepan21644944 asked:
can you tell me how to make the daisy square pattern?
Jenny Peters answered:
It is the Charity Daisy available free on Ravelry

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