Horsey Horse Mittens

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am proud of the smile on my son's face when he tried them on. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you are not confortable with color switch, this works just as well with just one color.

What you will need

  • I used a combination of yarns I found at a yard sale -- all acrylic.

Q&A with KnittyMom

judyweste198925 asked:
Is this pattern for sale? I would love to buy it if it is, to make them for my grandchildren. Thank you!
KnittyMom answered:
I'm so sorry, but I don't use patterns. I have the mittens in front of me so I'll try to exlain how I made them. Please pardon my spelling erors. **use** 5.0/G crochet hook and any worsted weight yarn. **first** make 15 chains **second** in 3rd chain from hook, one single crochet (sc). one sc all the way to the end. do not chain, do not turn. Instead, sc in opposite side of the last chain you just sc in. sc to end. **third** sc in chain that you started with. **fourth** sc all the way around several times untill about 10-12 rows. add a couple more rows for a child about 7 years old. **fifth** on the 12th row,...^for the face side^ decide where you want the ears and chain 3. sc in 3rd stitch from the last sc. sc 4 or 5 (make sure your ears are centered). ch3, sc in 3rd stitch from last sc. **sixth** there is a variation here depending on the hand you're working on...( ** right hand** sc 9, ch 5, sc in 6th stitch from last sc you did. **left hand** sc5, ch5, sc in 5th stitch from last sc you did.) **seventh** sc around, including on sc for each chain on the previous row... for 5 rows. **eighth** on the 6th row from the chains used to create ear holes, imagine a streight line from the ear hole and decrease one stitch for each ear. ^you can do this for 1 or 2 rows, I did 1 row^ **ninth** sc around for seven rows for the length seem in the picture. **end** cast off, trim, tuck in loose end. **hair** cut about eight to ten pieces, place them alond the back of the neck. (I did 2 rows of 4 starting between the ears) **finally* this pattern is flexible so be creative and have fun!