Project Description

What was your inspiration? I decided to post a pic of one of my favorite wedding cakes I made awhile back (hope that's okay). The bride saw this design in a magazine and wanted me to duplicate it. The magazine cake was covered in fondant but I made mine covered in buttercream (I can get my buttercream as smooth as fondant, so I rarely cover in fondant unless it's a dummy cake) I made the leaves from gumpaste. Very simple design but one of my favorites. Thanks so much for looking! Lisa....p.s. please feel free to ask any questions as I don't mind sharing my knowledge! :)

Q&A with lisascakes

laworthy11345955 asked:
How do you get your buttercream that smooth and keep it from melting to boot?
lisascakes answered:
Lol ! Why would it melt? I have a special 3 step method to make my buttercream smooth like fondant - I've thought about having a Craftsy class on it but haven't had the time to look in to it.
nanajoni asked:
Beautiful earthy design, you mentioned how smooth you're able to get your buttercream , can you share that with us please?
lisascakes answered:
It's a 3 step process that I've never shared...and one that I wouldn't be able to explain in a short reply. I've considered teaching a Craftsy class on it but don't know if Craftsy would be interested.
Tools asked:
Beautiful cake. What is the height and size of the tiers for this cake?
lisascakes answered:
Thank you - the sizes of this cake are: 6", 9", 12", 15" ...all round cakes