Lavender Petal Cake

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Made this display cake for my upcoming bridal show. This is a super easy design to copy using the pedal technique of applying icing. I made the flowers out of gumpaste. I used royal icing to cover this dummy cake but buttercream would be used on a real cake. Thanks for looking! Lisa :)

Q&A with lisascakes

CakeBakerMoney asked:
Wow! I love this. Just so gorgeous. What is the clour you've used on the petals?Well done.
lisascakes answered:
Hi! Thank you! I used the color wedgewood petal dust to color the gumpaste. Lisa
Kathy Tolbert asked:
Love this so pretty
lisascakes answered:
Thank you!
Dorthea asked:
How do you do the pedal technique
lisascakes answered:
I'm sorry - I had a typo - It's petal technique - not pedal - guess I should proof read a little better! :) It's easy to do. After you crumb coat, use a large round tip - #12 - and make a vertical line going up the side of the cake, pipe a row of dots. Then taking your spatula, press into each dot and pull to the side. Do this all the way down the row and when you are done, pipe another row of dots and so on. The last row can be tricky so be careful when you are pulling it to not run into the first row. Lisa :)
sharonmeek asked:
I am just starting out and love your flowers. can you tell me how long the flowers will keep for?
lisascakes answered:
If you keep the flowers out of heat and the sun, they will last for years! Take the flowers that are on the this cake - they are well over 1 year old. I pulled them off a display from last year and dusted color on them (they were just all white) for this year. That said, I would never use anything but fresh, clean flowers made to order on a real cake order! Hope that helps! Lisa
bettycrocker18@msn.com asked:
very elegant-gorgeious love it:)
lisascakes answered:
Thank you!