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Tips for Sewing Seam Finishes & Hems

Join sewing expert Janet Pray as she shares her best tips for flat-felled seams, French seams, and machine-stitched hems. Janet's garment-industry secrets will make your sewing faster, more precise, and more professional every time. Begin with an unusual method for a flat-felled seam on denim — think topstitched seams on jeans — developed by Nudie, a famous designer of stage outfits for iconic country singers.

All About Sewing Zippers

Discover how easy it can be to install slot (centered) and lapped zippers with perfect results. Sewing expert Janet Pray walks you through her best tips for professional zippers every time using garment industry techniques that add precision and speed to your sewing.

Understanding a Sewing Pattern Envelope

Meet sewing expert Janet Pray, who will walk you through the process of how to select the best pattern for your level of sewing skill as she demystifies the information printed on the front and back of the pattern envelope.

Preparing & Storing Sewing Patterns

You've picked out the perfect pattern and fabric ... now what? Sewing instructor Janet Pray will show you how to get the best results from commercial tissue paper patterns, as well as how to use downloadable, print-at-home patterns with ease.

Understanding Muslins

What is a muslin? Sewing instructor Janet Pray explains this prototype garment and why you should take the time to make one in order to ensure your garment will fit properly.

Sewing Buttonholes & Buttons

Learn sewing expert Janet Pray's tips and techniques for professional finishing touches for a button-up shirt. Learn why Janet doesn't include buttonholes on her shirt patterns, but marks them individually after sewing the shirt.

20 Things to Know Before You Sew

Get set up for success before you even sit down at your machine! Learn essential preparation techniques that will produce better results in every sewing project.