Grocery Girls

Off Our Needles Season 1

Grocery Girls
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Off Our Needles Season 1
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How do you get a great episode? Just add color! Join the girls for a colorful chat full of fun projects, bright hues, and yes, even a crocheted pizza hat.
Cozy is calling! Join the ladies in an ode to warm projects, winter stews and all things bulky.
The ladies are going big by thinking small! From compact cables to cute mini skeins, this one's all about the tiny treasures that keep those needles clicking.
Take 10 minutes to celebrate Mom! The ladies chat knitting for Mom, gifts for Mom and even take a call from, yup, you guessed it, their mom.
What do stripey socks, knitting celebrities and menopause have in common? They're all part of this grab-bag episode full of knitty "loose ends."
Time for a little spring fling! Join the Grocery Girls as they gear up for warmer weather by chatting lace, their favorite Instagrammers and even a few tales of love. Well, sort of.
Get ready for the ultimate sock talk! From toe-up and top-down basics to a special appearance from Ann Budd, the girls bring you an episode that's nothing short of toe-riffic.
7 Lessons
2  hrs 17  mins

Hold onto your needles! Tracie and Jodi, a.k.a. the Grocery Girls, are here to dish out fresh fiber inspiration. From project picks to wooly good gossip, things are about to get super knitty… and maybe just a little nutty.

Grocery Girls

Meet Jodi and Tracie, a.k.a the “Grocery Girls.” When they’re not working at the family grocery store, you can find them knitting… or talking about knitting. And now, you can find them on Off Our Needles, a hilarious series where the girls serve up non-stop laughs and new-found knitspiration. From fresh projects ideas to side-splitting stories, there’s no telling where they’ll go next. But one thing’s for sure...they’re perfectly loopy.

Grocery Girls

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25 Responses to “Off Our Needles Season 1”

  1. luz moraima molina saez

    Es muy interesante este tipo de tejido. Interesting

  2. Sandra S. Beall

    I'm more interested in crocheting. But Free works for me to figure out whether I want to subscribe or not.

  3. Cathie Milliken

    enjoying the show, but how do I get to episode 2

  4. Laura Nixon

    I need to learn how to knit but these girls are fabulous

  5. nadya isabella

    I want this class, because I like this :)

  6. Christina Ketikidou

    Needless to say that we love you. My sister Patricia and I (we´re from Sweden)have just launched our father's invention 'TWIZZTER' which is a rotating yarn-holder which you simply carry on your arm or you can hang it on hook/lamp. It makes keeping control over your yarn so much easier! We would be over the moon if you would let us send you a copy to try out and to have your feed-back. Should you want to work with us in one way or another (you decide how and what), then that would really be the cherry on the cake. You can read more about Twizzter and ourselves on our website Hoping to hear from you! :D With warm yarn-greeting Christina and Patricia TwizzterSizzters

  7. Kim Razo

    I absolutely love these girls! I don't even know how to knit, so I'm anxious to learn. As soon as I learn, I want to continue to see and learn from them. I actually want to continue to see them UNTIL I learn anyway.

  8. Sharon Looper


  9. Esther Mauricio

    I would like to learn How to make socks both ways and also to make two at a time socks


    Looking for a cast on for the Scania knit shawl need help??

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