Grocery Girls

Off Our Needles Season 4

Grocery Girls
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Off Our Needles Season 4
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How do the Grocery Girls celebrate Pi day? With geometric pi shawls of course! Watch for tips and tricks for working this stunning pattern.
Get ready for the newest knit-along! Tracie and Jodi show off their finished Novel-Ts and talk sizing, yarn and lace.
Cables aren't just for summer! Tune in to discover the best warm weather knits and learn about the perks of pima cotton.
Since when do knitters use crochet hooks? Find out how to work the provisional cast-on, cable cast-on, and more during the first Novel-T check in!
Beat single sock syndrome with a little multitasking! The girls go over how to knit two socks at once so you'll never end up with solo socks again.
The Grocery Girls will show you how to join the sides of your Novel-T. Jodi demonstrates how to pick up and knit the provisional stitches then shows you how to start the lace panel pattern.
Did you know there is more than one way to do a yarn over? Yup, there are actually four! This week Tracey and Jodi demonstrate all four techniques and talk about when to use each.
So you’ve finished knitting your Novel-T, now what? Tune in to see how to weave in the ends when working with cotton yarn. Hint: this method involves fabric glue.
On your mark, get set, knit! Find out how to calculate your knitting speed and see if you're a fast knitter! HINT: 57 stitches per minute is average.
Love 'em or hate 'em, we all use short rows. This week, learn all about five different kinds of short rows from around the world!
Whoopsie! Tracie and Jodi don't always get it right the first time.
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1  hrs 49  mins

Hold onto your needles! Tracie and Jodi, a.k.a. the Grocery Girls, are here to dish out fresh fiber inspiration. From project picks to wooly good gossip, things are about to get super knitty… and maybe just a little nutty.

Grocery Girls

Meet Jodi and Tracie, a.k.a the “Grocery Girls.” When they’re not working at the family grocery store, you can find them knitting… or talking about knitting. And now, you can find them on Off Our Needles, a hilarious series where the girls serve up non-stop laughs and new-found knitspiration. From fresh projects ideas to side-splitting stories, there’s no telling where they’ll go next. But one thing’s for sure...they’re perfectly loopy.

Grocery Girls

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17 Responses to “Off Our Needles Season 4”

  1. Irene

    This is my favourite video for 2 at a time socks. I always have this to refer back to when I need to refresh my memory. Thanks for keeping the GG's video's available.

  2. Janice

    So where do I find the pattern?

  3. Ardith Crowe

    The Best of Off Our Needles

  4. Luz Gonzalez

    There isn't a description box below?

  5. Luz Gonzalez

    where do I find the actual pattern for the Novel T shirt?

  6. be deol


  7. Joan Yearby

    Like your patterns.


    Where can I find the patterns?

  9. Paula

    Where do I find the discreption box below so I can get the pattern.

  10. Marni Hansen

    Thank you

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