Angela Walters

The Midnight Quilt Show Season 9

Angela Walters
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The Midnight Quilt Show Season 9
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Angela's back and bursting with love. In this season premiere, she uses half-square triangles to make a modern bursting star quilt while sharing her tips on how to keep a lasting relationship with a quilter.
Did you know that painter's tape can make quilting a bit easier? Angela shares some (unconventional) ways to use it as she creates a striking stardust quilt. Plus, watch the free bonus video to get an extra painter's tape hack for sewing half-square triangles.
Angela's been practicing her magic tricks! Tonight, she amazes with a magnificent optical illusion quilt. Watch as she uses solid pre-cuts to magically create her star blocks.
Are you a "slow and steady" quilter or more of a "forget perfect, finish fast" quilter like Angela? Tonight, she uses templates and block piecing with LOTS of triangles to create an out-of-this-world ombré quilt. Plus, she shares some handy tips for quilting with rulers.
All quilters can get stuck in a creative rut, even Angela. This week, she turns to strip piecing and her fun, easy-to-piece chevron pattern to get her quilting mojo back. Plus, she'll show you how to use negative space to bring your quilt to life.
As quilters, we make lots of HSTs (half-square triangles). If you like the two-at-a-time method, Angela has the hack for you! Watch as she uses painter's tape to sew quarter-inch seams instead of marking each square.
Wish you could make your quilting mistakes disappear? Angela is here to show you how. Well, at least how to hide them by using a matching thread color, echoing and repeating a mistake to make it look intentional.
Picking out your first quilting pattern can feel a bit overwhelming — but Angela is here to help! Learn how big blocks, straight lines and no matching points can make all the difference for beginner quilters.
Angela loves to stock up on fabrics. From bundles to collections, get her tips to pick the perfect prints and solids for your next quilt.
Machine quilting isn't always as easy as it looks, but anyone can do these three free-motion quilting designs (promise)! Learn how wavy lines, starburst designs, and simple cursive words can turn your quilt into a work of art.
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Say hello to The Midnight Quilt Show, a YouTube series that celebrates late-night stitches, taking shortcuts and sewing in your PJs! Each week, host Angela Walters will bring you a quick and quippy breakdown of a brand new quilt… wine not included.

Angela Walters

Angela Walters, the host of our YouTube series "The Midnight Quilt Show," is a longarm quilter, teacher and author of several books, including "Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters" and "In the Studio with Angela Walters." Her quilting journey began with her husband's grandfather; together they made her first quilt – a nine-patch that is still on her bed today. Thousands of swirls, feathers and parallel lines later, Angela has turned her love of stitches and fabric into a thriving business focused on modern machine quilting.

Angela Walters

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9 Responses to “The Midnight Quilt Show Season 9”

  1. jobooth1120117860

    please upload the quilt directions for all quilts on MQS season 9

  2. Su

    Could you please publish a link for the free chevron pattern - many people would like it. Thank you

  3. KATHY

    Still can't find the patterns for the Chevron or Optical Illusion quilts. how do I access them?

  4. Lee Guiette

    How do I get the free chevron quilt? It's beautiful.

  5. kgalsmom20714927

    I am also having difficulty getting the Starburst Quilt Pattern. Nothing has worked and it doesn't appear to be available..

  6. Kristin Monda-Yazzolino

    How do I get the spring stardust quilt pattern?

  7. Jeannine Poole

    Is it possible to get a download of the modern Chevron quilt pattern

  8. Merrilee Verhoeven

    where can i get the pattern for the Strip-Pieced Contemporary Chevron Quilt??

  9. Susan

    Is it possible to get the Strip-Pieced Contemporary Chevron Quilt Pattern?

Midnight Quilt Show - Modern Bursting Star Quilt Pattern

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