Joshua John Russell

Man About Cake Season 4

Joshua John Russell
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Man About Cake Season 4
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It started out as a perfectly normal wedding cake… then it went terribly, terribly wrong.
Decorate a cake in less than 1 hour? Challenge ACCEPTED.
There's nothing like blowing out the candles on your dream cake! Join the birthday boy as he whips up the Candy Land creation he always wanted as a kiddo.
What happens when you spice up mirror glaze with some paint and meringue? You've got to watch the episode to find out.
Pile on the Peeps® and pastels... Joshua's getting man about Easter with an egg-ceptional cake.
Why's the cone on Katherine Sabbath's cake melting? Because it's the hottest thing on Instagram right now! And it was only a matter of time before it met Man About Cake.
Twice the cake slayers means twice the fun! Watch Joshua team up with a special guest cake slayer to rock out a ridiculously cool geode cake.
These monsters just dropped in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Yo mama's so sweet...We made a cake for her! Tune in as JJR whips up a gorgeous gift box cake that might make up for all those grey hairs you gave Mom.
9 Lessons
1  hrs 23  mins

Welcome to Man About Cake, a weekly YouTube show full of laughs… and tiers. Kick it with our Caked Crusader, Joshua John Russell.

Joshua John Russell

Joshua John Russell is an Atlanta cake artist and popular instructor. He's also the star of the YouTube series "Man About Cake." He learned baking and pastry arts at Johnson & Wales University, but his elegant and detailed cake designs are all his own. A finalist in "Last Cake Standing," he has appeared on the "Food Network Challenge" 15 times, showing the world cake artistry that is by turns ornate, over-the-top and seriously cool.

Joshua John Russell

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6 Responses to “Man About Cake Season 4”

  1. Zoe Spain-Smith

    Love JJR Candy Land Birthday Cake

  2. Saleha Sheikh

    Would you please tell in sugar and shine mirror glazed cake? For decoration where you get pop rocks and do you color white chocolate to pink or use candy melt?

  3. Saleha Sheikh

    Where you get sidle pop rocks ?


    Can we get a realistic city cake? A huge one, please !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kandise Crocket

    can we get some Harry Potter cakes?!🙏🙏🙏🙏✌️✌️✌️🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  6. Kandise Crocket

    can we get more haunted cakes?


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