Gemma Stafford

Bold Baking Academy: Summertime Frozen Desserts

Gemma Stafford
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The origin of ice cream can be traced as far back as China in the 2nd Century BCE, when there are records of people enjoying a combination of milk and rice that was frozen in snow. Via Persia and the Moghul Empire, the concept of ice cream traveled west to Italy, where sorbets and sorbettos were invented. Eventually ice cream reached France and then England and America, where techniques were perfected. Ice cream making was always quite physically taxing to make until the invention of the ice cream maker in 1843. Once modern refrigeration was available, ice cream shops and factories took off, and it seems like the world's love of ice cream is showing no signs of slowing down!
A frozen trifle is not traditional or really done anywhere with any regularity. The inspiration for this dessert came to us from a combination of a semifreddo and my love of English trifles that I grew up with in Ireland.
3 Lessons
37  mins

Warm days and bright evenings invite something cool and sweet to enjoy as often as we can. The class will begin with No-Churn Artisanal Ice Cream. You will learn all about ice cream making, and learn how to take one base and make 3 different flavors. The best thing is that this ice cream doesn’t need an ice cream maker! Just make a traditional custard base, whip some cream, add yummy flavors and freeze.

Next, we will be making a Sherry Berry Frozen Trifle. fI you are not familiar with a trifle, it is a classic English dessert that usually consists of layers of custard, syrup or alcohol soaked cake and fruit. We will be taking this idea to an icy level: I’ll show you how to make this dessert a perfect respite from warm days!

Finally, Caramel Banana Baked Alaska! We will swirl caramel and banana ice cream together, top it with a chewy, butterscotch-y blondie, and cover the whole thing in a sweet, fluffy toasted meringue! Like all of my favorite desserts, this one looks and tastes way more impressive than it is difficult to make.

Gemma Stafford

For a decade, Irish-born chef Gemma Stafford has been bringing her passion for teaching people to bake with confidence to her online baking show and brand, “Bigger Bolder Baking.” Gemma’s unique combination of expertise, bold recipes, and approachable techniques have led to appearances as a judge on Netflix’s “Nailed It!”, Food Network’s “Best Baker in America,” and Hulu’s “Baker’s Dozen.”

Gemma Stafford

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