Joshua John Russell

Man About Cake Season 1

Joshua John Russell
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Man About Cake Season 1
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Meet Man About Cake's resident cake slayer, Joshua John Russell. He's got his eye on what's trending. First up: floral wreath cakes!
In this episode of Man About Cake, we learn that shiny is a color, and edible lace isn't as difficult as it looks.
Guess what? You likely own everything needed to make this glamorous cake! Bust out those cutters and slay some metallic cakes with JJR.
Ready for some sweet reflection? Joshua's got you covered with supply picks, free recipes and a laugh-out-loud mirror glaze tutorial.
Marble cakes rock. In this episode our Cake Slayer demystifies the marbled fondant technique and constructs a fully marbleized cake (from the inside out!). If only granite had chocolate swirls like these.
Get scandalous with naked cakes. JJR bares it all and makes a rustic naked cake with flowers & a pop of pink buttercream filling.
These buttercream flowers are ALMOST too beautiful to eat. See Joshua John Russell's twist on this classic, using standard and Russian piping tips.
Move over, sugar flowers: Joshua John Russell's rolled wafer paper rosettes steal THIS show. See how to duplicate this light-as-air blossom on your next cake.
Real cake artists paint with buttercream. Replicate the watercolor cake trend with these handy tips from the Man About Cake!
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Welcome to Man About Cake, a weekly YouTube show full of laughs… and tiers. Kick it with our Caked Crusader, Joshua John Russell.

Joshua John Russell

Joshua John Russell is an Atlanta cake artist and popular instructor. He's also the star of the YouTube series "Man About Cake." He learned baking and pastry arts at Johnson & Wales University, but his elegant and detailed cake designs are all his own. A finalist in "Last Cake Standing," he has appeared on the "Food Network Challenge" 15 times, showing the world cake artistry that is by turns ornate, over-the-top and seriously cool.

Joshua John Russell

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4 Responses to “Man About Cake Season 1”

  1. Jo Burns

    Loved the show, but I never baked or fancified a cake. Did love đź’— it though!

  2. Saleha Sheikh

    Need your clear glazed receipe?

  3. Angela

    What can be use to substitute for the Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract?

  4. jtekell6692473

    Can the buttercream flowers also be made with royal icing?


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