• 26:42

    Making Mini-Cakes in Your Turbo Blender

    Be a sneaky nutritionist with culinary instructor Mark Scarbrough’s help! Mark demonstrates how to grind up whole-grain wheat berries in a turbo blender into a flour fine enough to bake with! Then he shares two decadent recipes using whole-grain flour: irresistibly fudgy espresso brownies and vanilla muffins with chocolate cinnamon topping. Along the way, Mark,…

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  • 22:01

    Crème Brûlée French Toast

    You won’t need a kitchen torch for this addictive French toast recipe that boasts a shatteringly crisp caramelized surface yielding to a rich custardy interior. In a nod to bread pudding, Celeste Rogers’ recipe relies on partially drying the bread in a low oven so that it soaks up more custard. The shatteringly crisp surface…

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  • 44:58

    Spicy Pork and Pineapple Al Pastor Skewers

    This taco al pastor inspired recipe will satisfy your taqueria cravings, no vertical spit required.

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  • 31:35

    Grilled Peel and Eat Shrimp

    Why boil peel and eat shrimp, when you can grill them? Grilling shrimp in their shells protects them from over cooking, with the added benefit of building char-grilled smokey flavor. Celeste Rogers’ recipe includes a scampi-inspired garlic and lemon compound butter that will have you licking your fingers and coming back for more.

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  • 29:20

    Recipe: Potato Chips & Other Vegetable Chips

    Turn your entertaining up a notch with homemade chips! Acclaimed culinary instructor Cynthia Nims demonstrates how easy it can be to fry up your favorite root vegetable into thin, delicate, flavorful chips. Cynthia starts with classic potato chips, then moves on to sweet carrot and parsnip chips, offering tips and a thorough explanation of the…

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  • 20:42

    Making Frozen Desserts in Your Turbo Blender

    Easily whip up a pint of creamy, delicious frozen custard or raspberry cream cheese ice cream! Culinary instructor Mark Scarbrough shows you how to use the heat created by your turbo blender to create ice cream bases and also shares his recipe for decadent hot fudge.

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  • 17:09

    Air Fryer Desserts: Hand Pies & Fried Candy Bars

    Yes, you can make desserts in the air fryer! Bake along with best-selling cookbook author and culinary instructor Bruce Weinstein and satisfy your sweet tooth with easy recipes for peach hand pies and state fair fried candy bars (because we all need to indulge a little).

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  • 19:26

    Air Fryer Recipes: Fried Chicken Two Ways

    When you think of fried foods, you inevitably think of fried chicken. Best-selling cookbook author and culinary instructor Bruce Weinstein takes on air-fried chicken two ways: first a classic buttermilk recipe followed by crunchy chicken wings with BBQ sauce or homemade buffalo sauce.

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  • 14:42

    Recipes for Summer Tomatoes

    If you wait all year for sweet, juicy summer tomatoes, chef and cookbook author Nicki Sizemore will show you how to showcase their goodness with a golden tomato and corn gazpacho and grilled panzanella salad.

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