6 Spooktacular Halloween Cupcake Ideas for Kids

Cupcake with eyeballs

One of the best parts about Halloween is whipping up some fiendishly fun treats, especially for the little ghouls in your life. Whether you’re throwing a spooky party or baking for a Halloween school celebration, these kid-friendly halloween cupcake ideas are a go-to. They’re fun, not overly scary and easy enough for your mini monsters to help make.

1. Go Batty

Cupcake with bat topper

Here’s the thing: bats can be oh-so-cute, especially when made in pink fondant. These toppers are easy enough for your kiddo to help shape, though you may want to lend a helping hand when it comes to the cape and face.


2. Gimme Some Brains

Cupcake with frosting brains

All you need is buttercream and a plain round piping tip to create these brain cupcakes. Older kids can pipe them totally on their own!


3. Do the Monster Mash

Cupcake with candy eyeballs

Whether you choose to pipe peaks with a star tip or simplify your cupcakes by spreading buttercream with an offset spatula, kids will have so much fun decorating with candy eyes.


4. Witch Out Your Cupcakes

Cupcake with witch topper

While these cupcake toppers might be a little too intricate for your child to make (there’s quite a bit of fondant detail involved), they’re perfect for any school Halloween party.


5. Make It a Graveyard Bash

Cupcake with headstone topper

These headstones might look difficult to make, but they’re actually simple enough for any kid to help create. Just marble the gum paste, roll it out and use a cookie cutter to shape it. Easy peasy!


6. Give It a Glow

Cupcake with glowing blue frosting

In broad daylight, this cupcake may look a bit boring. But once you have it under black lights, you’ll get a jaw-dropping dessert that glows. Kids will love dipping their frosted cupcakes into the magical solution that makes their buttercream transform before their eyes.


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