11 Truths Every Sewer Totally Understands

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Apparently, sometimes we creative types think rather differently than the rest of the world. But we’re all in the making game together — so whether you’re a newbie sewist or a master of the craft, we bet you can’t help nodding along to these truths only sewers understand.

Nobody Knows What to Call Us

Tailor, sewer, sewist…the list is pretty varied, so we get why no one really knows which one to say. It’s all personal preference though — so long as you pronounce sewer correctly.

We Name Our Machines

When you spend so much time with someone — or in this case, something — it becomes part of the family. So it deserves a name. Don’t judge.

It Feels Sew Good When We Nail a Technique

Be it the perfect zipper insertion or a French seam on a silk shirt, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of mastering a new technique. After all, why send it out to a tailor when you can whip something up (or fix it, or alter it) yourself?

We Really, Really Love Our Fabric

Yes, we pet our fabric as though it’s an actual, well, pet. But how else are you going to tell how it feels against your skin? Plus, our fabric stashes are like a personal art gallery, inspiration center and savings account all rolled into one; there’s nothing quite like organizing your fabric to rediscover old treasures and kickstart your sewing inspo.

So We Need a Well-Stocked Stash

Some people buy a new lipstick for a pick-me-up, but sewers buy kits and sewing patterns. Who cares if we never actually use that one perfect piece of fabric? If we have it in our stash and can look it at whenever we want, it will always be worth the investment. (Plus, remember, it could always inspire us later.)

Fabric Scissors Are Different Than Regular Scissors

Do not touch our fabric scissors to cut your paper, wire, roses, hair or anything other than fabric. We work hard to keep them in tip-top shape , so if you touch them without permission, it will not go over well.

Pins. Are. Everywhere.

As much as we try to corral them with cute pincushions, sometimes pins just go astray. Yes, we’ll run our fingers through the carpet to try to collect them, but some always seem to escape. Our advice: keep an eye out — and maybe don’t wear bare feet — to avoid getting pricked.

We Know Where All the Best Stores Are

The best part of a trip is, hands down, that rush of excitement that hits when you stumble across a to-die-for fabric store that instantly gets added to your mental Rolodex. But what’s even better is when said store is having a sale, so of course you buy whatever fits in your suitcase. The ultimate luxury: when they happily offer to ship it to you. It’s like Christmas.

We Sew in Our Underwear

Yes, it’s a thing and no, it’s not weird — it’s all about comfort, baby! After all, we have to stitch, try on, adjust and pin, take off and stitch some more to find that perfect fit. (And sometimes we even take it to the next level and make a moulage.)

We Have Multiples of Everything

Dedicated sewers know having a second (or third) sewing machine is not an extravagance, but an eventual necessity — just as it’s a no-brainer that buying patterns in multiple sizes isn’t excessive, but proactive.

We’ll Always Laugh at a Good Sewing Pun

There are just too many not to! Plus, we’re always thready for anything, even if you don’t seam to get it — you silly son of a stitch.

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2 Responses to “11 Truths Every Sewer Totally Understands”

  1. Renee

    And my husband finds my pins when he is walking around bare foot. OUCH

  2. Regina Roza

    This is SEW me!!