14 Quick-Stitch Crochet Projects for Valentine's Day

crochet heart garland

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love, and what better way to do so than with a crocheted gift? These quick-stitch patterns can be made for your sweetheart or BFF, or you could stitch ’em up for a bit of self-love. Whichever you choose to make, you can finish in just a weekend — start early and see how many you can finish by V-Day.

1. Granny Square With a Heart

granny square with heart center

If you love crocheting granny squares, make ’em with a heart! You can use any yarn and hook you have on-hand. Once they’re finished, gift ’em as a set of cute coasters. Feeling extra ambitious? Make them part of a larger project, like an afghan.


2. Crochet Hearts

crochet heart

The sky’s the limit with these crochet hearts. Make them into any color and size you wish, then use them to decorate your home or to top a gift. Bonus: this is the perfect project to use up those extra yarn scraps.


3. Chrysanthemum Shrug

Chrysanthemum shrug

Show off your Valentine’s Day style with a crochet shrug. The floral design gives it a romantic flair, and the recommended mohair/silk blend yarn is oh-so-luxurious. And while it comes together quickly, it’ll look like you spent hours on the complex design.


4. Cabled Bobble Clutch

crochet bobble clutch

Crochet a quick cable and bobble stitch clutch you can then stuff with chocolates. Want to test your skills in the kitchen? You could make those from scratch too, making it a truly handmade gift any Valentine would adore.


5. Single-Skein Accessories

crochet lacy scarf

Everyone on your V-Day list is covered with these six single-skein crochet patterns. Between the three cowls, two scarves and decorative collar, you and your squad can have coordinating looks for the holiday.


6. Hearts Garland

crochet heart garland

Christmas gets all the credit for beautiful garlands, but you can keep the momentum going with a colorful version made of reversible crochet hearts. Might we suggest making one for a fabulous Galentine’s Day party?


7. Heart and Bobble Hat

crochet heart bobble hat

This heart hat is cute — really cute. Worked in the round and with only simple stitches, this is the perfect introductory project to crocheting colorwork. You’ll be proud to rock it on the 14th — heck, the whole month of February!


8. Small Stem Rose

small stem crochet rose

Give your sweetheart a bouquet that’ll never wilt. Gauge isn’t important with these 3D flowers, so long as you keep your tension tight.


9. Granny Heart Headwarmer

granny square head warmer

The perfect blend of retro and modern, this headband is both cute and functional. It’s also a stash-buster you can work up in under an hour, so go on and make a whole batch.


10. Puffy Hearts

crochet puffy heart garland

You can do so much with these simple hearts — hang them as a garland, wear them as a scarf or make them for cards and gifts tags. The opportunities are endless, so stitch up a bunch and give yourself options!

11. Filet Heart Coaster

filet crochet heart coaster

Use filet crochet to make a lace-like effect on this square coaster. Just follow the filet chart to make the heart-shaped pattern on top, then finish it with easy double crochet on the back.


12. Hearts All Around Beanie

crochet cable hearts beanie

If you love crocheting cables, this beanie is begging to be made. The cabled pattern looks like interlocked hearts, so it’s obviously a must-have Valentine’s accessory.


13. Heart-Shaped Bag

crochet heart bag

Crochet these heart bags and personalize them to match your style, be it by adding buttons, tying off ribbons or customizing the straps. Bonus: You’ll have a bag ready for your Valentine’s date!


14. Heart Coaster

crochet heart coaster

Make a classic lacy heart with a single skein of yarn, simple stitches and an hour of your time. This coaster is a great way to add some festive flair to your home this holiday, perfect for cozy date nights in.


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