Resolution #13: Put In a Little Yard Work

We’re putting a creative twist on those traditional resolutions! Check out our roundup of ideas to see how we’re spinning “yard work” into something every sewer and quilter can get behind.

A resolution you can keep (+ a few ways to make it happen):

Yard Work

Patterns You Can Sew With 1 Yard (or Less!) of Fabric

Is your stash filled with small, seemingly useless scraps? Snag one of these one yard or less sewing patterns and watch your fabric stash disappear!

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How To Square Up Fabric Yardage

Need to wrangle your yarn into a workable form? You don’t need any special equipment!<

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Giveaway! Enter to Win 9 Yards of Trendy Fabric

Start the new year with new fabric! Find out how you could win three bright, chic prints to add to your stash.

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Commit to your creativity in fun new ways! Check out our Resolutions You Can Keep page for a heaping helping of quilting and sewing inspiration.

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