6 Dreamy Ways to Make the Prettiest Watercolor Cakes

watercolor cake

Dust! Spray! Pipe! Who knew that there were so many different ways to make a watercolor cake? This artistic trend has made a big splash in the cake world, and it’s definitely an awesome way to add gorgeous color to your desserts. Best part: you don’t need to be a painting pro to master these techniques!

1. Do the Dust

painting cake with luster dust Watery paints can be hard to control on a cake, so skip ’em and try dusting and blending areas of color together using edible luster dust. This will give you a lot more control over where colors go and how they blend! MAKE IT

2. Airbrush Away

blue watercolor airbrushed cake

Another great tool you can use for a watercolor cake: an airbrush! Creating a watercolor design is pretty forgiving with this gadget. After all, if your color drips or pools a little, it only adds to the artistic look.


3. Blend With Buttercream

watercolor cake

You can create a modern take on the watercolor effect by simply adding small splotches of buttercream to an already frosted cake. Dollop on blobs of tinted buttercream, then run an icing scraper around the side of your cake. The colors will streak together to make a gorgeous painted finish. So cool!


4. Hand-Paint a Beauty

hand painted colorful cake

If you love painting, this technique is for you! Break out a food-safe brush and dilute airbrush colors with lemon abstract. Then you can paint right on a fondant-covered cake just as you would on paper! (For this cake, we even went back and outlined the shapes with black for some extra pop.


5. Collage the Coolest Cake

watercolor wafer paper cake

There are tons of fun ways to use edible wafer paper, but this watercolor technique may just be our favorite. Start by brushing edible luster dust and gel colors onto your plain white wafer paper. Then, tear off pieces and apply them to a fondant-covered cake.


6. Make Mosaic Magic

blue and yellow mosaic cake

A geometric tiled design AND watercolor details? Now you’re speaking our cake language. Add diluted gel colors to your fondant pieces before applying them to the cake for this funky vintage vibe.


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