Fondant Fundatmentals: How to Cover a Cake in Fondant

Covering a cake with rolled out fondant is one of those things that always seems utterly baffling to the beginner cake decorator. We’ve witnessed so many different ways people have covered a cake with fondant, from molding small sections around a baked cake to simply laying some fondant on top!

If you’re feeling a little daunted at covering a cake, read on for our guide on how to cover a cake with fondant!

Find out how to cover a cake with fondant icing

Materials needed:

  • Chilled and crumb coated cake
  • Fondant
  • Large rolling pin (silicone is preferred)
  • Cornstarch to dust
  • Turntable
  • Pizza or pastry cutter
  • Water
  • Food safe paintbrush
  • Smoothers x 2
How to cover a cake with fondant

Step 1:

Take your freshly chilled cake and set it on a good turntable before preparing your cake with a little bit of water around it’s edges painted on lightly.

If your crumb coat is a little tacky still you can avoid this step as too much moisture around the outer edges of your cake could lead to some unsightly lumps, bumps and air bubbles once you’ve applied your fondant covering.

Learn how to cover a cake with fondant

Step 2:

Take your fondant (as a rough guide you’ll need approximately 1kg of fondant to cover an 8″ circle cake and 1.5kg for a 10″ circle cake) and knead it until pliable. When ready dust your surface with a little cornstarch. We use a nifty little dusting bag we DIY-ed with some find muslin fabric and ribbon.

Cover a cake with fondant tutorial

Step 3:

Roll out your fondant with a large silicone rolling pin to a thickness of around 4mm. Make sure to roll your fondant out to a similar shape as your cake; so for a square shaped cake try to roll your fondant into a rough square shape.

Step 4:

Using your rolling pin check if your fondant is roll out large enough by holding it against the cake at the top and sides then compare with your fondant!

Step 5:

Carefully pick up your fondant using your rolling pin by rolling it on.

How to cover a cake with fondant by juniper Cakery

Step 6:

Gently drape your fondant over your crumb coated cake and quickly yet carefully work around pressing and smoothing the fondant up the sides of the cake. Try not to work downwards as this will lead to tears along the top edge of your covered cake.

Step 7:

Use your pizza or pastry cutter to cut away any excess fondant.

How-to on covering a cake with rolled fondant

Step 8:

To smooth out the sides of your covered cake take both smoothers and work around the top and sides.

After following this how-to post you should now be left with a lovely fondant covered cake! If you’re new to this technique don’t be disheartened if it does take a few tries to get a good look and covering. Covering a cake can take some time and practice to get just right so be patient and keep practicing; you’ll also discover how you prefer to work which is bound to help you for future projects!!

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