Resolutions You Can Keep: No. 1

When it comes to resolutions, we all have our usual suspects. But this year, it’s time to make resolutions we can keep — and love! That’s why we’re dreaming up some out-of-the-box ideas to make 2017 a little more creative, and a lot more fun. So give today’s a try… it might just spark a year full of knitting.

A resolution you can keep (+ a few ways to make it happen):


Learn the Easiest Way to Wind a Hank of Yarn Into a Ball

At some point, we all find ourselves with hanks of yarn that need to be wound into a ball. The good news? You don’t need one of those fancy winders! You can wind a hank of yarn into a ball at home (psst, it’s so easy, you can even do it while you watch TV). 

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How To Wind a Center Pull Ball of Yarn in 4 Easy Steps

Need to wrangle your yarn into a workable form? You don’t need any special equipment!<

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To Wind or Not to Wind: How to Store Yarn

Learn the best way to store your yarn to keep it at its best, including when to store it as a winded ball and when to leave it in a hank.

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Commit to your creativity in fun new ways! Check out our Resolutions You Can Keep page for a heaping helping of knitting inspiration.

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