These Reindeer Cake Pops Would Make Santa Proud

reindeer cake pops

Rudolph’s rosy red nose shines even brighter when he’s all done up in cake-pop form. These crafty cuties are great for a Christmas party dessert table, wrapped up as favors, or even used as place card holders (just nestle a name card in the antlers).

Reindeer Cake Pops

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Your go-to cake pop recipe, coated in brown or chocolate candy melts (Check out our class Party-Perfect Cake Pops for a recipe and dipping how-to!)
  • Red chocolate candies or red jelly beans
  • Cocktail stick
  • Edible glue
  • Food safe paintbrush
  • Ivory or tan pipe cleaners for the antlers
  • White fondant (buy it or make your own)
  • Black sugar pearls
  • Instructions

    1. Get Nosy

    Reindeer cake pops tutorial

    Attach the red nose with a small dab of melted chocolate, holding it in place for about a minute to make sure it stays put!

    2. Add the Eyes

    reindeer cake pop faces

    Flatten two small balls of fondant into discs, then attach black pearls with edible glue. Stick them above the nose with some melted chocolate! (You can also use pre-made eye decorations here, if you want to save a couple steps.)

    3. Shape the Antlers

    reindeer cake pops

    Twist pipe cleaners around the cake pop stick, then bend each end into the shape of an antler.

    reindeer cake pops on a platter

    Done and done!

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