9 Small Knitting Projects That Make Great Gifts

Woman wearing a white scarf

As a maker, your first impulse might be to DIY all the things for everyone on your holiday list. But if you take on too many big projects at once, it can be easy to fall behind. Which is where these small-scale gifts come in. Each one of these quick knit knit gifts knit up super fast while still staying thoughtful and cute. Talk about a win-win!

1. Fabulous Fingerless Mitts

Woman wearing green fingerless gloves

These mitts are easy enough for a first-timer to tackle, as you mostly need to know how to knit and purl. Which also means someone with experience can stitch ’em up in as little as an hour!


2. Simple Cabled Headband

Woman wearing knit headband

Cables don’t have to be crazy intimidating, especially if you give it a go with a small headband. You can even customize this knitted gift for its recipient — make it monochromatic for a chic, timeless design, or change colors halfway through for a modern color block look.


3. Chunky Cowl

Woman wearing a chunky cowl

When it comes to cozy cowls, the chunkier the better! Big needles, simple stitches and super-bulky yarn make this accessory come together ultra fast.


4. Two-at-a-Time Knit Socks

Striped knit socks

We know what you’re thinking — socks aren’t fast. But if you knit two at once, you’ll cut your time in half! Once you learn this efficient method, you’ll say goodbye to second sock syndrome forever.


5. Chic Woven Yarn Basket

Grey woven basket

OK, this isn’t technically knitting, but this project is too gorgeous for any yarn-thusiast to pass up. Use traditional basket weaving techniques to make a chic storage bin from beautiful yarn, then top it off with leather embellishments. If you’re gifting to a fellow knitter, fill the basket with yarn and supplies they can use for their own WIPs!


6. Blinged-Out Cuffs

Red wrist cuff

Everyone has a friendship bracelet, but have you ever gifted a friendship cuff? These simple accessories stitch up in no time and feature pops of beading for extra flair. You can knit one for everybody on your list!


7. The Hippest Color Block Hat

black and white colorblock knit hat

Warning: You’re going to get major heart eyes for this hat. Not only is it totally eye-catching, but it’s made almost completely from simple ribbing, so it’s super stretchy to fit any recipient.


8. Dip, Dye, Done!

3 different color dyed hats

There’s no need to constantly change yarn colors when you want to make a fabulous ombré hat. Instead, make this simple pattern in a natural, undyed yarn and dip it in a dye bath. The knitting is fast, so you can stitch up a whole batch to dye together.


9. Simple Fringe Scarf

Green fringe scarf

This scarf may look fancy, but you only need to know two stitches to knock it out. Knit it in a weekend, then weave in fringe to finish it off.


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    I love knitting and would love to receive patterns for things I can knit and then sell for an income since I am unemployed

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