10 Crafty New Year's Resolutions for a Year Full of Making

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New Year’s marks the end of one crafting year — and a wide open beginning for another. Exciting, right? Kick your new year off on the right foot by setting some crafty resolutions that are actually fun to keep!

1. Learn Something New

Make 2020 the year of new — new year, new decade, new craft! An easy way to tackle something you’ve never attempted is with, hello, a Craftsy subscription! Signing up unlocks access to thousands of expert-led classes and hundreds of project ideas across a variety of crafts.

2. Get Organized

We get it: the craft room can become a disaster zone after a year of furious crafting. But a clean space can help you start the new year stress-free. Set aside a weekend in January to rifle through the disarray and put everything in its place — store sewing notions where they can always be seen, neatly sort fabric and DIY any extra storage you need. Heck, you can even make a journal to plan your future crafts and track progress, so you never get behind on holiday gifting again.

3. Show Off Your Projects

One of the best things about crafting: the community. So go on and celebrate completed projects on social media. You’ll inspire others to create, get a confidence boost and befriend fellow makers, whether you’re just starting out or you’re writing your own patterns.

4. Bust Your Stash

Got scraps that have been lying around since 2013? Get rid of ’em this year. No, we don’t mean them out! Instead, put them to good use — fabric scraps can make gorgeous quilted projects, and little bits of yarn can crochet one-of-a-kind granny squares. Plus, don’t forget using scraps saves your budget, so you can buy more for big projects later.

5. Craft More

Of course, this is a great resolution to make every year. Life can get hectic, so holding yourself accountable can keep you on track for a creative year amid the chaos. Make a list of projects you want to make each month and set aside time to work on them. (Seriously, put it in your calendar!) Remember, your next quilt isn’t going to magically appear — you need to stay motivated!

6. Challenge Yourself

If you have a few kits that feel kind of intimidating, go on and pull them out. Look at the patterns, choose one and then … just start. Go one line at a time and before you know it you’ll be at the last one. Sure, it may be tough sometimes, but remember — not only does Craftsy offer techniques, tutorials and community support along the way, but if you don’t take on new challenges, you won’t grow those skills. You’ve got this!

7. Launch That Side Hustle

Make it the year you don’t keep your day job and finally start that business you’ve been musing about. Selling your crafts can be fun and rewarding once you create a business plan, figure out pricing and commit yourself — so go on and take that plunge!

8. Support Indie Makers

Support independent makers by nabbing their handmade goods instead of commercial products, or browse patterns from independent designers to find your next project. After all, supporting other makers is half the fun of crafting!

9. Teach Someone Else

Do you remember that rush of learning a new craft? It’s exhilarating — and you can make it happen for someone else. Join a virtual knitting circle, teach a new technique to someone just starting out or host a sip and sew night for friends. Whatever you do, you’ll be giving a little dose of happiness to whomever you teach.

10. Craft for Charity

Let’s face it: you can only knit so many hats for yourself. Crafting for charity lets you keep working on project after project while helping those in need (and without cluttering your home). Check out some charities in need of your skills, and pick the one (or more) you’re most passionate about helping.

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15 Responses to “10 Crafty New Year's Resolutions for a Year Full of Making”

  1. Katherine Marie Macias

    thank you! I decided that this year each month I would do ONE NEW THING.... in January, I began going to a sewing club at the local library so I am getting help in person to remember how to sew. lol! so I am marking that under y'alls: BUST YOUR STASH (because I have alot of material that now I can get to sewing!) .... and I like the other nine ideas. I plan to choose different ways to accomplish this list with 2 of them being repeat bonuses. Thank You for the Inspirations!

  2. Jan Nipper

    I like using left over fabric making mug rugs. Great gift with a mug and cocoa 😁

  3. Diana LaVecchia


  4. Vikki D cooke

    We make wooden sculptures, signs & candle holders etc..Hubby draws, and so mush more. I assist as well as create jewelry from stone's and wood found locally. Take a look at the portfolio on our site.

  5. Kathy Konik

    Always looking for new ways to complete projects and new projects to do.

  6. Nancy

    You would think you could edit out the mistakes in this article after two years.

  7. Paula Miller

    i have already completed #9. I taught my daughter to quilt by teaching her how to make a tree skirt. Now I have to complete mine. I am also trying to teach myself how to crochet amigurumi animals.

  8. penny kasteel

    That's the way I've been living my life since I retired 25 years ago, with the added resolution travel somewhere new each year. Last year, because international travel was out, it was a little difficult to find somewhere in NSW I hadn't been, but we managed. Have a wonderful year everyone.

  9. Sue

    I've been retired almost 3 years now and crocheting up a storm for years lost to the corporate world. Thank you for the list of goals and confirmation I'm thinking on a track in the right direction, diversity and purpose.

  10. Linda

    Sounds fun, something I can look forward to.