New Hacks for a New Year! A Roundup of This Month's Best & Brightest

At the start of every new year, we’re always inspired to be more intentional about our time and our projects, and this year’s no different. So, we’re starting things off with a bang and sharing some of our best timesaving tips, tricks and hacks yet.

Whether you’re interested in a better way to melt chocolate, how to keep your thread from bunching on your machine or how to calculate stitches in your knitting projects, you’re sure to find a hack that makes your craft more enjoyable and gives you results worth raving about.

Hacks start here! Find your favorites below:

baking hacks
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Food & Cooking

Test your baking IQ with these 20 hacks every baker should know! You may wonder how you ever lived without a few of the hacks on this list.

how to melt white chocolate
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Cake Decorating

White chocolate — love to eat it but hate to melt it? This hack is here to help with tricks for achieving the perfect melt for better results and less frustration in your baking.

sewing machine bunching up
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Don’t get your thread in a bunch! Get this genius hack instead, and avoid the dreaded “bird nesting” syndrome so many sewers have faced before you.

half square tirangles
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Talk about a timesaving trick! This hack shows you how to make eight half-square triangles at once. Master the Magic 8 Method today for quicker, easier quilts.

realistic embroidery
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Ready to lend your embroidery a realistic look? With these four secrets to stitching realistic embroidery, natural results are just a trick and stitch away.

colored pencil techniques
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What’s the one technique that totally changed the way you work with colored pencils? Check out these four fresh tips and you may just have a new go-to.

how to paint water drops
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Bring the mesmerizing beauty of water to your next painting with these impressive techniques. This brilliant new skill is sure to have everyone leaning in for a closer look.

portrait photography hacks
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Want to take sharper portraits, speed up your workflow and enjoy great results from every shoot? These 10 portrait photography tips are here to make that dream a reality.

calculate knitting
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Any way you do the math, calculating stitches in knitting can be hard. Check out this helpful how-to today, and learn simple strategies for calculating stitches to create a hat from scratch.

crochet magic ring
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It may sound like a young adult novel, but the crochet magic ring is absolutely a real thing! Master this alternative way to begin crocheting in the round and showcase the incredible results on your next project.

save warp
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Spinning & Weaving

Want to save your warp for later? With these four simple steps, it’s never been easier! Make the most of the time and work you put into creating your warp and learn how to save it today.

how to make head pins
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Create custom head pins in minutes! With only a hammer, wire and these tips, you can create beautiful adornments that boast a straight-from-the-boutique look.

paper quilling hacks
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Paper Crafts

Your secret for easier, faster and more enjoyable paper quilling? It’s these 10 hacks! Find your favorite today and see the beautiful results in your work immediately.

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