Sculpt Cinco de Mayo Fondant Toppers for Your Next Fiesta

cinco de mayo cupcakes

Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for “the fifth of May,” is a celebration in remembrance of the Mexican victory over the French Army in 1862. (That’s not the Mexican Independence, as many people mistakenly believe.) The commemoration is observed in regions of Mexico, but is also a widely popular holiday in the United States, honoring many people’s Mexican heritage.

If you’re keen to celebrate, you can transform any cake or cupcake into a festive Cinco de Mayo dessert. All you need are these three simple fondant toppers — and maybe a margarita.

Cinco de Mayo Fondant Toppers

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Yellow, red, green, orange and black fondant (buy it or make your own)
  • ⅞” and 1¼” round cutters
  • Edible glue
  • Food-safe brush
  • Small square cutter
  • Medium teardrop cutter
  • Rolling pin with ⅛” and 1/16″ guide rings
  • 2 wooden dowels
  • Powdered sugar
  • Rolling pastry cutter
  • X-ACTO knife
  • 1 flower forming cup
  • Instructions

    cinco de mayo fondant toppers

    1. Shape the Sombrero

    Roll out the yellow fondant, using the wooden dowels as guides. Cut out a ⅞” circle with the round cutter, roll it into a ball and shape it into a cone. This will be the top of the sombrero.

    Roll more yellow fondant with the rolling pin until it’s ⅛” thick. Cut a 1¼” circle and sprinkle powdered sugar inside a flower forming cup. Put the circle inside the cup to dry. This will be the bottom of the sombrero.

    Roll red fondant until it’s 1/16″ thick and use the rolling pastry to cut a ¼” strip. Fit it to the bottom of the cone, then glue in place. Trim off the excess.

    Roll green fondant until it’s also 1/16″ thick. Use the rolling pin to cut out a strip a bit thinner than the red one. With the corner of the small square cutter, trim the top to make a triangular, zigzag pattern. Fit it to the bottom of the cone over the red strip, then glue in place. Trim off the excess.

    When the bottom of the sombrero is dry enough to hold its shape, glue the cone in the center to form the sombrero.

    2. Make the Maracas

    Roll out orange fondant, using the wooden dowels as a guide. Cut out two small squares with the cutter, roll them into balls and start rolling one end out with your fingers to make the handles. Keep the opposite end round.

    Roll out yellow, green and red fondant with the rolling pin until each is 1/16″ thick. Use the fluted end of the pastry cutter to cut very thin strips of yellow and green fondant. Use the straight end to cut a red strip. Fit them all around the maracas (yellow and green toward the top, red near the bottom) and glue in place. Trim off the excess.

    Wait for the pieces to dry completely, then glue the maracas together so it looks like they’re lying criss-cross.

    3. Sculpt the Mustache

    Roll out black fondant, using the wooden dowels as a guide. Cut out two medium-sized teardrops with the cutter. Round the edges with your fingers and curl up the thin ends. Join and glue the wide ends together. Set aside to dry.

    Once all your fondant creations are dry, set them on top of your cake or cupcakes and serve. Olé!

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