These Pretty Birdcage Cupcakes Are Surprisingly Simple to Make

birdcage cupcake

Vintage birdcages are oh-so-pretty for flower arrangements and party decor, but they’re extra sweet when turned into cupcakes. Here’s how to make ‘em for your Mama Bird, or anybody else who makes your heart take wing.

Birdcage Cupcakes

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Baked cupcakes with a domed shape on top (use your favorite recipe)
  • Buttercream frosting (Swiss meringue or American work great)
  • Light blue, ivory, pink and green fondant (buy it or make your own)
  • Round cutter larger than the top of your cupcake (plain or scalloped)
  • Edible sugar pearls
  • Edible glueCake smoother
  • Food-safe brushes
  • Flower cutter
  • Leaf cutter
  • Fondant rolling pin
  • Edible luster dust (optional)
  • Instructions

    1. Create Your Base

    Pro Tip: You only need a small amount of buttercream — if you add too much, it will push out the sides when you smooth your fondant on top.

    Roll out the blue fondant to about 3-4 mm thick. Use your round cutter to cut make a circle large enough to cover the top of your cupcake, reaching down to the top edge of your cupcake liner.

    2. Place the Fondant

    scalloped blue fondant cupcake

    Gently lift and place the fondant on top of your domed cupcake. Make sure the circle is centered on the cake, then smooth down and around.

    Pro Tip: You can use a cake smoother for this step, but smoothing the fondant down lightly with your fingers should work just fine.

    3. Begin Decorating

    decorating blue fondant cupcake

    Roll ivory fondant into a marble-sized ball. Shape it into a conical shape for the knob on top of your birdcage. Attach to the center of your cupcake with edible glue.

    Add edible sugar pearls around the edge of the fondant for a border.

    4. Make the Cage

    blue and white fondant cupcake

    Roll out more ivory fondant, then cut into even strips and form into rope-like shapes. Attach from the base of your knob to the edge of the fondant top. Trim any excess fondant, then dust with shimmering luster dust (if desired).

    5. Add a Floral Touch

    fondant flower on blue cupcake

    Roll out green and pink fondant. Use floral and leaf cutters to make each shape, then attach to your cupcake next to the knob. Add additional sugar pearls in the center of the pearl if desired.

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      wow.this is nice

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      Thanks for sharing it. Hoping for more recipes to learn from you