Sharp Shooter

Whether you're new to the lens or a longtime pro, we've got a class to help you hone your skills.


2017 Resolution: Take Better Pics

Taking better pictures on your new year's list? We're here to help you succeed with ways to make it happen!

You're Determined

Picture this: You own a digital camera that's likely been collecting dust. You see opportunities for beautiful photos but you're just not doing them any justice. Sound familiar? If the answer is yes, and you're determined to get better, this is the class for you. Taught by Joel Sartore, a National Geographic photographer with more than 30 years of experience, you'll learn the essential skills you need to capture great photographs every day.

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You're Realistic

While you may have a nice camera, you rarely have it with you. Instead, you've always got your phone. This class is for you, covering everything you need to know in six 30-minute lessons. And with award-winning photographer and Photoshop® guru Jack Davis as your guide, you'll learn mobile photography techniques for snapping incredible photos you won't believe came from your phone (Android or iPhone).

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Can You Guess: Mobile or DSR?

Answer: All these were taken with the phone in your pocket.

All in the Family

Share your favorite families with the world! Try out a class in portrait photography, then add your snaps to our collection of familial student faves.

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Photography After Dark

Learn how to take exquisite night photos in Lance Keimig's online class, or browse our gallery of student work for evening shooting inspiration.