2017 Project Prep

From interactive online video classes to innovative tools and best-in-class fondant, we’re your destination for all things handmade in the new year!

Birthday Cake of the Month

The first step in starting any new decorating project? Finding a little inspiration! To help you kick start your next cake, we're giving you a fun tutorial for a new cake every month.

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NEW! Mastering in Minutes

A new series of video tutorials designed to help you learn something new in 30 minutes or less! Led by Craftsy’s own expert instructors, you’ll use common materials to up your game, tackle roadblocks and master the art of modeling chocolate in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show. And you’ll do it all for only $9.99.

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Business Building

Skills to Pay the Bills

We've rounded up our favorite blog posts + Craftsy classes to help you grow your passion into a bustling business.

Design Master

When it comes to professional decorating techniques, there's an arsenal of skills to be explored and mastered.

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How to Start Your Cake Business

Discover how to get your cake business up and running with expert advice and smart strategies.

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Price Toppers Like a Pro

Struggling to determine the worth of your work? While toppers can often be tricky to price, it's essential to value your time, skills and talent.

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