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Modern Tools for Machine Embroidery Appliqué: Electronic Cutters

By Marjorie Busby
Machine Embroidery Appliqué with Electronic CuttersElectronic cutters are perfect for creating and stitching original and one-of-a-kind designs, or a limited number of repetitive designs. These machines are now being recognized for the creative and fun ways that you can use them for machine embroidery appliqué. Learn how to appliqué this way here. Read more »

Free Pattern Friday: Free Patterns for You!

By Craftsy
Free PatternsLet's celebrate the end of another amazing week with a new roundup of beautiful free patterns! Check out the beautiful selection this week including: a gorgeous large shawl, to cheerful coasters, a recipe box, and more. Just download the ones you like and have a great weekend! Read more »

Entering the Kingdom of Machine Embroidery Appliqué

By Marjorie Busby
Machine Embroidery AppliquéThere are so many different types of machine embroidery appliqué (MEA) that I’m not sure I can list them all. Many designs use a tackdown stitch over the appliqué fabric and the shape is trimmed around those stitches, or a template is used to cut the appliqué shape. You have probably seen instructions for both of these methods. I have some tips and tricks that I hope will not only be helpful but make machine embroidery appliqué a lot more fun! Read more »

Cute Embroidery for Tiny Tots

By Hope Yoder
Cute Embroidery for Tiny TotsWho doesn’t love cute kids clothes? You see them in mail order magazines, designer boutiques, and in the malls. Lucky for you, if you own an embroidery machine, you can create these adorable embellishments yourself. Read more »

Free Pattern Friday: Enjoy Free Patterns!

By Craftsy
Free PatternsIt's Friday, which means it's time to celebrate the end of a great week with a new roundup of beautiful free patterns. From a cute cardigan to a breezy blouse, pretty placemats, and more, be sure to download the ones you like! Read more »

Tips for Successful In the Hoop Projects

By Marjorie Busby
In the Hoop ProjectsOne of the really nice things about an embroidery machine is making items “in the hoop” (ITH). These items include personal effects (eyeglass cases, tissue cases, purses), children’s crafts (crayon rolls, bibs, door hangers), and many household pieces (potholders, towel toppers, coasters). The advantages are that you always get a consistent product and one that’s quick to make. This is a great way to create gifts, bazaar crafts, and things for yourself. And there are some simple tips that will help you make these projects come out just the way you want them. Read more »

Embellishing with Continuous Borders with Machine Embroidery

By Marjorie Busby
Machine Embroidery BordersMother’s Day is just days away and nothing is more special than something you make for mom. Join along as we create some travel organizers embellished with machine embroidery borders as Mother’s Day gifts. The organizer pattern I chose is one that my daughters, both now young mothers, made when they were in 4-H. The machine embroidered borders give this simple organizer an elegant appeal! Read more »