• 26:42

    Making Mini-Cakes in Your Turbo Blender

    Be a sneaky nutritionist with culinary instructor Mark Scarbrough’s help! Mark demonstrates how to grind up whole-grain wheat berries in a turbo blender into a flour fine enough to bake with! Then he shares two decadent recipes using whole-grain flour: irresistibly fudgy espresso brownies and vanilla muffins with chocolate cinnamon topping. Along the way, Mark,…

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  • 34:51

    Recipe: Basic French Macaron

    Recreate the patisseries of Paris in your own kitchen as you learn how to make and bake perfect macarons. Chef and pastry instructor Colette Christian spent 10 years creating her signature macaron recipe to ensure her students had success right from the start. Colette demonstrates her technique step by step — from “zhooshing” the dry…

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  • 38:20

    Recipe: Lemon Tartlets

    Impress friends and guests with individual lemon tartlets made in the French tradition; renowned pastry instructor Colette Christian shows you how. Colette shares her tried-and-true recipe for sweet pie dough that is guaranteed to become your go-to mixture for any sweet tart. Then, she demonstrates her shortcut for making lemon curd without a double boiler…

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  • 16:31

    Recipe: Mocha Madeleine Cookies

    Learn how to bring a French cookie classic to your kitchen with help from renowned pastry instructor Colette Christian. Colette takes you step by step through her mocha madeleine recipe, sharing all of her secrets — including how to make sure these tasty French treats don’t get stuck in the pan.

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  • 18:55

    Classic Pastry Fillings: Cream Cheese, Streusel and Bear Claw

    If you’ve got a mixer, you’ve got the ability to make your own decadent pastry fillings. Culinary instructor Colette Christian shares step-by-step instruction on how to make three of the most popular Danish fillings: cream cheese, streusel and almond bear claw.

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  • 19:06

    Recipe: Chocolate Cake & Five Flavor Variations

    If you love chocolate, this cake class is a must! Join Jenny McCoy as she whips up a decadent, moist chocolate cake using the easiest cake mixing method available, the all in one method. All you need is a large bowl and a whisk to mix up this delicious super dark chocolate cake batter. Jenny…

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  • 24:06

    Creative Uses for Pastry Dough Scraps

    Love making danish pastries but not quite sure what to do with those scraps left over after shaping? Pastry chef and culinary instructor Colette Christian show you how to make the most of those leftovers. Watch as she whips up twists, lunettes, snails and monkey bread to produce creative designs that look and taste just…

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  • 13:37

    Tips for Baking With Chocolate, Plus a Brownie Recipe!

    Chocolate. Need we say more? Explore with chef Colette Christian what those cacao percentages mean, and master melting and baking methods for incredibly delicious brownies.

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  • 11:45

    Using Nuts, Spices & Salt for Better Baking

    Find out how to boost the flavor of your baked goods with nuts, salt and spices with the guidance of pastry chef Colette Christian.

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