Wave Stitch

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Duration: 9:34

The wave stitch is a beautiful decorative stitch pattern created with elongated stitches. In this video, Michele Bernstein demonstrates how to knit the wave stitch.

This stitch pattern is worked over 4 rows, with a multiple of 6 stitches plus 1 stitch on the knitting needle. For the swatch in the video, Michele has 25 stitches and is working back and forth in rows. She works the stitch pattern, double-wrapping and triple-wrapping the yarn around needle as she’s working the Right-Side rows.

– KW2: Double wrap knit by knitting the next stitch, wrapping yarn twice around needle
– KW3: Triple wrap knit by knitting the next stitch, wrapping yarn 3 times around needle

On the Wrong-Side rows of the pattern, the stitches are simply knit. Any stitches with additional wraps are worked as a regular knit stitch, dropping the additional wraps. The next Right-Side row of the pattern is worked, with the pattern being offset. This causes the wave pattern to undulate on the fabric.

Wave Stitch Instructions

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