Celebrate the Snow With Decorated Adorable Polar Bear Cookies

Decorated Polar Bear Cookie

These polar bear cookies are perfect not only for Christmas, but all winter season! Just bake your go-to sugar cookie recipe and mix together some royal icing, and you’ll be ready to decorate.

Polar Bear Sugar Cookies

What You Need

  • Baked sugar cookies, cut into polar bears (use our recipe)
  • White royal icing in piping and flooding consistencies
  • Red royal icing in piping and flooding consistencies
  • Black piping consistency royal icing
  • Piping bags
  • Couplers
  • Icing bottles
  • #2 and #1.5 decorating tips
  • Airbrush (optional)
  • Blue Sheen Airbrush Color (optional)
  • Instructions

    1. Flood the Cookie

    Decorated Polar Bear Cookie 1

    Fill a piping bag fitted with a #2 tip with piping-consistency white royal icing. Pipe an outline around the entire cookie.

    Decorated Polar Bear Cookie 2

    With an icing bottle filled with flood-consistency white icing, flood the cookie. Let the icing dry completely before moving on.

    Good to Know: It may take up to 24 hours for your cookie to dry completely. Drying time depends on the humidity of your environment.

    2. Airbrush (Optional)

    Decorated Polar Bear Cookie 3

    Use an airbrush to add a blue sheen to the outer edge of your cookie. This is an easy way to add dimension and depth so your creation has a real wow-factor.

    Good to Know: If you don’t have an airbrush, you can create a shaded effect with pearl dust or aerosol spray colors. You can also simply skip this step.

    3. Pipe the Scarf

    Decorated Polar Bear Cookie 4

    Fill a piping bag fitted with a #1.5 tip with red piping-consistency royal icing. Use this to pipe a scarf outline around the bear’s neck.

    Decorated Polar Bear Cookie 4b

    With another bag filled with flood-consistency royal icing, flood the scarf outline.

    Pro Tip: The quicker you flood the outline, the less visible the seams between the outline and filling will be.

    4. Add Polka Dots

    Decorated Polar Bear Cookie 5

    Immediately after flooding the scarf, use the piping bag filled with white icing to drop small white polka dots into the wet icing. It’s important to add the dots before the red icing sets, so the white dots will be flush with the rest of the scarf.

    5. Give Him a Face

    Decorated Polar Bear Cookie 6

    Use the black piping icing, in a bag fitted with a #1.5 piping tip, to pipe a small nose, eye and ear detail on the polar bear.

    6. Make the Final Details

    Decorated Polar Bear Cookie 7

    Add a few accent lines with the piping-consistency white icing to define the polar bear’s legs, top of the ear and any other part you like.

    Decorated Polar Bear Cookies Sweetsugarbelle

    Once all are decorated, you’re ready to dig in — or gift ’em!

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      Love this color palette! Red, blue and green!