Got One Hour? Here Are 10 Things You Can Create

terrazzo earrings

Let’s be honest: creativity often comes in spurts, and whaddya know, free time does too. In fact, for many of us, free time is in such short supply that when you get an hour you feel like screaming from the rooftops and making the most of every minute. Thankfully, there are tons of different projects you can make by hand in 60 minutes or less. Here are 10 for you try.

1. Quilt a Journal Cover

quilted journal cover

Itching for some quilting, but don’t have a ton of time? Dress up your diary with this journal cover. It’s quick, colorful and sooo versatile — you can free-motion stitch any design you want!


2. Sew an Infinity Scarf

woman wearing sewn infinity scarf

We love this scarf times infinity! Not only is it the perfect go-to accessory no matter the season, but it’s also a great stash-buster (you only need two yards of fabric).


3. A Painted Rock Garden

painted cactus rock garden

If you’ve got a black thumb, you’re in luck. Build an adorable plant arrangement you can’t kill, and have a stress-free gardening season.


4. Crochet a Necklace

gray crochet necklace

Calling all crocheters, this one’s for you. Show off your yarn power with a crochet necklace and make it part of your everyday wardrobe.


5. A No-Sew Clutch

no sew clutch

This clutch comes together in a snap, and there’s absolutely no stitching required! Its base is a ready-made plain minaudière case, so all you have to do is add fabric.


6. Paint a Pretty Tulip

watercolor tulip

Hello, gorgeous! This tulip is more than a lovely painting; it’s a practice in a whole range of watercolor techniques. It’s perfect for beginners, or if you just want to sharpen your skills!


7. The Milky Way, But Make It Sweet

royal icing galaxy cookies

Whether you’re in a galaxy far, far away or right here on Earth, these cookies will be everybody’s new fave. Work that royal icing!


8. A Simple Lemon Still Life

acrylic lemon still life on canvas

Wait — don’t reach for that yellow paint just yet. This project is all about layering your acrylics and using a thoughtful palette to get a lifelike result.


9. Trendy Terrazzo

terrazzo earrings

Amp up your jewelry collection with some DIY terrazzo. There’s no fancy equipment necessary — you just need some polymer clay, hoop ear wire and an oven. You’re gonna want to make a few pairs!


10. Colored Pencil Persimmon

colored pencil persimmon

Break out your colored pencils and go bold with color! The secret to mastering this colored pencil project is all in the underpainting and color blending.


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8 Responses to “Got One Hour? Here Are 10 Things You Can Create”

  1. Doris Reveron

    Love crafting

  2. S. Duncan

    Can't wait to try this

  3. Claudia Novoa

    I love crafting

  4. Sherry Maye

    These are cute and look fun to make.

  5. Florence

    zThese are great ideas and it sparks the creative brain.

  6. Patricia Murphy

    I love the ideas, I'll come back and try them later.. thanks

  7. Sue

    Love these ideas.

  8. Mrs Jean Glenys Llewelyn Yockney

    I love the diversity of the Craftsy yarns wool, cotton, acrylics and mixtures of many different yarns. My youngest grandchild has taught herself to crochet many lovely things and I am so proud of her as they have helped her through University.