How to Make Mini Sugar Cookies With Royal Icing Rosettes

Step-by-step tutorial for piped rosette mini cookies by Juniper Cakery

We keep seeing adorable mini sugar cookies everywhere. These tiny bite sized treats would make wonderful wedding favors, kids’ party goody bag additions and fun thank you gifts. And you’re looking for a sweet and petite cookie decorating project, just top them with piped royal icing rosettes.

Mini Rosette Sugar Cookies

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Your go-to sugar cookie recipe
  • Thick consistency royal icing (it should be strong enough to hold peaks that slightly curl over)
  • Small petal piping tip (We used the Wilton 104 tip)
  • Piping bag
  • Large piping tip or small circle cookie cutter (we used the bottom of an Ateco 849 tip to cut out our mini cookies)
  • Flower nail (we used a Wilton no. 7)


1. Fill a Piping Bag

How to decorate mini cookies with royal icing

Once your mini cookies have been baked and have cooled down take a piping bag fitted with a small petal tip and fill with your thick consistency royal icing.

2. Grab Your Flower Nail

Mini rosette cookie tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Take your flower nail and add a small “blob” of royal icing on top. This is part of the same process as when you use a flower nail to create royal icing blossoms or to pipe a buttercream rose except instead of adding a piece of wax paper on top you’ll be adding your mini cookie!

3. Add a Cookie

Make mini rosette sugar cookies with this fun tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Now attach a mini sugar cookie circle onto your flower nail.

4. Begin Piping

Tutorial on how to make mini rose sugar cookies

Start in the very middle of your cookie and hold your piping bag so that the larger end of the petal tip is touching your cookie to pipe a small bud to begin the center of your rose. To do so move your flower nail so that It gently spins around and keep your piping hand still.

Pro Tip: We recommend leaving your piped rosette centers to set for around 10 minutes before adding your petals. This helps the centers stay a little more defined!

5. Build the Rose

Pipe royal icing rosettes onto sugar cookies

Build up your royal icing rosette petals with quick and short piped petals. To keep your rosettes even pipe three petals around the bud. Then 5 petals on the next round and finally 7 on the last round of the cookie.

Mini rosette piped sugar cookie how-to

These simple yet sophisticated mini cookies are bound to be a hit at any party or get-together. They’d be utterly perfect for a sweet baby shower if re-created in soft pastel shades, or as treats at an engagement party with shimmering pearls and golds!

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