Host the Best Holiday Brunch With These Delicious Recipes

top view of brunch food

Whether we’re talking Christmas, Mother’s Day or any ol’ Sunday, we’re always here for an extra-special morning meal. Try your hand at a new recipe (or five), then go on and show off that #BrunchGoals spread!

1. Build-Your-Own Breakfast Sammies

breakfast sandwich

Buttermilk biscuits reach a whole new level of awesome when you stuff ‘em with, basically, an entire breakfast. Let your guests in on the action, too: set out ham, bacon, eggs and cheese, then let them craft their version of the perfect breakfast sammie.

2. Mushroom, Spinach & Gruyère Tarts

mushroom and spinach quiche

A make-ahead meal, this cheesy, veggie-filled tart not only tastes amazing, but will make your brunch totally gorgeous.

3. Classic Coffee Cake

coffee cake

What’s a brunch without coffee cake? Grab a ring pan, mix up some streusel and master the glaze topping for this beloved classic.


4. No-Hassle Belgian Waffles


Talk about a one and done dish: you only need one bowl to make this tasty meal! Just whisk your ingredients together and fire up the waffle iron — you’ll be chowing down in minutes.


5. So-Healthy Smoothie Bowls

pink smoothie bowl

If your guests aren’t the indulgent types, try some B-E-A-utiful smoothie bowls. Make ‘em vegan or gluten-free — however you want, really — these babies are that versatile.


6. Flavor-Bomb Mocktails

mocktails on table

There’s a chance you’ll want to go easy on the sips first thing in the morning, which is exactly where these mocktails come in. Choose between peach and pineapple, or make a batch of both for an extra festive holiday.


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