3 Halloween Cookies That Are So Easy to Decorate, It's Scary

mummy, spider and cauldron halloween cookies

You don’t need a whole bunch of fancy cookie cutters and a pastry-school diploma to make super-creative, super-spooky cookies! Start off with basic round sugar cookies, grab three colors of royal icing and you’re in business. But know this in advance: each of these designs requires a few hours of drying time, so plan accordingly.

The (Not So) Menacing Mummy

Level: Easy

Make no bones about it, this cookie will be a fast favorite. (Especially because you don’t have to be a pro-piper to get that wrapped-up look.)

decorating halloween mummy cookie

What You Need

  • Round sugar cookies, baked and cooled
  • 15-second-consistency royal icing in white, black and lime green
  • Small petal piping tip
  • Medium round piping tip
  • Black edible sugar pearls
  • Disposable piping bags
  • Instructions

    1. Make the Eyes

    Fill a disposable piping bag fitted with the medium round piping tip with some green royal icing. Pipe two small “blobs” in the middle of your circle cookie. Quickly place a black sugar pearl on top of each blob, these will be your mummy’s eyes!

    2. Pipe the Wrappings

    With a bag of white royal icing fitted with a small petal tip, pipe a series of long, flat strips of icing across the cookie. Let set for a few hours.

    Good to Know: You can make a mini mummy cake to match!

    The Scaredy-Spider

    Level: Easy

    The bright-colored web makes these creepy crawlies really pop!

    decorating halloween spider cookies

    What You’ll Need

  • Round sugar cookies, baked and cooled
  • Cocktail stick or toothpick
  • 15-second consistency green and white royal icing
  • Piping-consistency black royal icing
  • Small round piping tip
  • Medium round piping tip
  • Disposable piping bags
  • Black edible sugar pearls
  • Instructions

    1. Add Royal Icing Base

    Outline and flood your cookie with the green royal icing.

    2. Pipe in White

    While the green icing is still wet, pipe concentric white circles of royal icing. Before the icing dries, drag a cocktail stick through the circles of icing in multiple places, moving from the center of the cookie outward to make the web.

    Leave the cookie to crust over for an hour before moving to the next step. (If you try to pipe the spider while the icing is still wet, you’ll end up with a black puddle that seeps into the other colors. Not good!)

    3. Pipe the Spider

    With a bag of piping-consistency black royal icing with a small round piping tip, pipe the spider’s eight legs. Then, pipe the body and head between the legs using a larger round piping tip.

    The Creepy Cauldron

    Level: Easy

    Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! This one scores extra points for originality.

    decorating cauldron halloween cookies

    What You Need

  • Round sugar cookies, baked and cooled
  • 15-second consistency black royal icing
  • Piping-consistency green and white royal icing
  • Luster dust or metallic paint set
  • Disposable piping bags
  • Small plain round tip
  • Instructions

    1. Flood a Half Circle

    Outline and flood a half circle of black royal icing onto your cookie.

    2. Pipe the Details

    With the same black royal icing and piping tip, add in the cauldron details. You need two small circles for the legs and two teardrop shapes at the edges of the top. Leave to crust over for an hour.

    3. Add the Bubbles

    With the piping-consistency green and white royal icings, pipe a series of different sized pearls or bubbles on the upper half of the cookie. Don’t forget to add a few bubbles foaming down the side of the cauldron, too! And if you’re feeling really extra, add some edible glitter or luster dust on top of the bubbles.

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