Your Lucky Day! Green Quilts Projects and Patterns

St. Patrick’s Day is here! Some celebrate with green clothes, some with green beer and some with green quilts. Some of us may even celebrate with all three! In honor of the Irish holiday (that you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate), we’re doing a roundup of green quilt projects and patterns. If these don’t get you quilting with green, we don’t know what will!

Pattern Double Irish Chain Green Quilt

Double Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

This one-patch quilt pattern by M&L Designs makes for a perfect St. Patrick’s weekend project, considering how quickly it works up!

Crisscross Green Quilt Pattern

Crisscross Quilt Pattern

This earthy, green quilt by Cottage Quilt Designs makes a lovely bedspread — and not just in March!

Shamrock Green Quilt Pattern

Shamrocks St. Patrick’s Day Quilt Pattern

No collection of green quilts would be complete without a shamrock-themed quilt. We love this one by Elena McDowell!

Lucky Mini Quilt

No time to work up a whole quilt? Pick a small but festive project, like this shamrock mug rug. Bonus: It’ll use up all your green fabric scraps!

Shamrock Shake Quilt

Make this small quilt or table topper in shades of green for a perfectly Irish accessory. Believe it or not, the name for this quilt does NOT come from the green McDonald’s milkshake!

Luck of the Irish Chain Quilt

Forget subtlety — this quilt is Irish and proud of it! Not only does this quilt feature iconic shamrocks, but it also uses the classic double Irish chain motif.

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