You'll Be Seeing Green With These Fun Quilt Patterns

green quilt detail

St. Patrick’s Day is all about green clothes, green beer and, for crafters, green quilts. In honor of the Irish holiday, choose any of the patterns below and start stitching a quilt that’s sure to leave others feelin’ green with envy.

1. Four Leaf Clover Block

four leaf clover quilt block

Bust your scraps and make a simple-yet-festive block. This four-leaf clover can be sewn into a pillow, incorporated into a table runner or larger quilt, or just framed and hung on the wall for some stitchy decor.


2. Lucky Mug Rug

lucky mini quilt

When there isn’t enough time to work up a whole quilt, small but festive projects (like mug rugs!) are the golden ticket. This one is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of Irish coffee, and it’ll use up those green fabric scraps in your bin.


3. Luck of the Irish Chain Quilt

luck of the irish chain quilt

Forget subtlety — between the Irish chains and appliqué shamrock, this quilt is loud and proud Irish.


4. Division Quilt

division quilt

Whether you’re making a baby quilt or one to drape on your queen-sized bed, jelly rolls are the way to successfully completing this dreamy pattern.


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