Fix-It Friday: Fix Dropped Stitches in Your Knitting

Fix-It Friday: Dropped Stitches

In today’s Fix-it Friday post, I want to show you how to fix dropped stitches in your knitting.  Dropped stitches are one of the most common (and most frustrating) things that can happen while knitting.  you’re zooming along on your project and look down and see that there’s one little stich a few rows back that somehow slipped off the needles.  This doesn’t mean that you’re a “bad knitter,” just that you were concentrating on something else, or maybe you put the knitting down and a stitch slipped off without you noticing it.

I’m fixing my stitches on the wrong side of the work because I think it’s a bit easer to see the purl bumps, and to tell which ladder is next in line to be knit (or purled.)  You can also fix your stitches from the right side of the fabric, just be sure that your stitches are oriented properly (as either knits or purls) on the needles.

What you see in the photo below is that a stitch has been dropped, and a “ladder” has been created above it.  The loops that were stitches have come undone, forming strings of yarn that look just like the rungs on a tiny ladder.


Fix-It Friday: Dropped Stitches Step 1

Step 1) Identify the dropped stitch.  Follow the ladder down to the point that you see the stitch that got away.


Fix-It Friday: Dropped Stitches Step 2

Step 2) Insert a crochet hook into the stitch from back to front, with the ladder in front of the stitch.  Turn the hook so that it’s ready to grab that ladder from above.


Friday: Dropped Stitches Step 3

Step 3) Using the crochet hook, grab the ladder and pull it through the dropped stitch.


Fix-It Friday: Dropped Stitches Step 4

(You can see here that I’ve pulled the brown ladder through the red dropped stitch to create a new stitch.)


Fix-It Friday: Dropped Stitches Step 5

Step 4) Continue as above, until you have traveled all the way up the ladder.


Fix-It Friday: Dropped Stitches Step 6

Step 5) Place the last stitch up onto the left hand knitting needle, ready to knit.


Fix-It Friday: Dropped Stitches Step 7

Step 6) Continue knitting as if you’d never dropped that stitch in the first place.


Fix-It Friday: Dropped Stitches Step 8

Here’s what it looks like from the right side.  It’s really hard to tell the “fixed” stitches from the rest!

I hope that you find this useful! If you have any other suggestions for fixing dropped stitches, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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