10 Must-Knit Sweaters to Add to Your Queue

knit sweater with colorwork yoke

So many sweaters, so little time! Whether you’re into knitting sweaters that let you kick back and crank out allll the stockinette, or are looking for something that requires a little more concentration, we’ve got 10 gorgeous patterns to keep your needles busy.

1. Simply Seamless

seamless sweater

Seamless sweaters have a lot to offer — most notably, there’s very little finishing required. This top-down, funnel-neck sweater is knit in the round (bonus — no purling!), so you can lose yourself in the all those knit stitches.


2. The Classic

This classic raglan cardigan is a wardrobe staple. Knit it in pieces using simple shaping, then seam it together for a piece that’s built to last. Not into cardigans? There’s a pullover version, too!


3. Make It Fancy

woman wearing knit sweater with lace details

The difference is in the details: set-in sleeves give this sweater a tailored look, and the simple lace at the neck and pockets make it fancy. Did we say pockets?! That’s right — this sweater really does have it all.


4. Cozy Cardigan

knit cardigan

Sometimes, you just want a sweater that feels like a warm hug every time you put it on. Good news — the Long Weekend Cardigan is that sweater, and we promise you’re going to love knitting it as much as you love wearing it. The basket rib stitch pattern is both easy to memorize and fun to knit.


5. Sweater Together

gray tea leaf knit sweater

The Tealeaf Sweater is full of the kind of details we love — a little bit of lace, pockets, short row shaping, shoulder saddles and more. Even experienced knitters will learn something new here, but that doesn’t mean newbies should shy away. Take it step by step, and let designer Bristol Ivy show you how it’s done.


6. Customize Your Sweater

autumn sweater

The best part of knitting your own clothes is that you can customize them to fit YOU. That’s just what you’ll do with this adorable sweater. (It has squirrels!) If you’re working at a different gauge, or just need to tweak some measurements, we’ll show you how.


7. Colorwork Cardi

Throughstone sweater

We love an excuse to play with color combos, and the Throughstone Sweater is the perfect canvas. Sure, you’ll need to venture into steeking territory (carefully cutting open your knitting), but we’re here to walk you through it.


8. Cable Designer

woman wearing knit cabled sweater

When it comes to this cabled sweater, you have options. For example, you can actually choose your own cable designs to feature! Or, if you’re more of a pattern follower, you can knit the exact sweater shown below. Either way, you’re going to get reeeally good at knitting cables — promise.


9. All-Over Color

colorwork knit sweaters

Make your next sweater a showstopper with stranded colorwork. This allover design is made easier when you learn to carry the colors in both hands. Nervous? Don’t be! It’s worth it.


10. Machine Made

woman wearing striped sweater

Sometimes, it’s fun to change things up. Machine knitting is still a hands-on affair, but it allows you to knit those sweaters so much faster! Plus, the results are super polished. We love how even the stitches look on this cute cropped sweater.


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3 Responses to “10 Must-Knit Sweaters to Add to Your Queue”

  1. Lisa Gatto

    I'm solo new to knitting I don't even know how to read stitch guides, what I can say is that I am eager to learn and am looking for help as I've Crocheted a long cozy sweater. I look forward to making one of these.

  2. Cheryl Namtvedt

    Looks like #7 is no longer available

  3. Fillory Yarns

    Thanks for adding some more Must-Knit Sweaters to my Queue