Fix-it Friday: Fixing Mis-crossed Cables in Knitting

Fix mis-crossed cables in knitting

Cables create some of the most common knitting mistakes, but adorn even more beloved projects. We recently had a cable knitting hiccup here at Bluprint. Let’s take a look at the fix!

Our Instructor Liason Katie is working on a gorgeous cabled cuff from Laura Nelkin’s Adorn Anew Collection. She isn’t quite finished yet, but her mom is already clamoring for Katie to make her one!

During her last knitting session, Katie’s intrepid French bulldog Oliver had just returned from an adventure, with important discoveries to share. Unfortunately, Oliver was just too excited to realize that the small cabled cuff Katie was working on required meditative focus.

Upon entering the house from the great outdoors, Oliver went tearing about in search of his cuddle buddy and confidante. When Oliver spotted Katie relaxing on the couch, he bounded toward her, assured that her arms were awaiting him – as always.

Meanwhile, Katie was just about to knit the stitches on her cable needle. At the last moment, Katie noticed her bulldog leaping onto her lap, and dropped almost all of her stitches! Katie picked up the stitches, but in her state of bewilderment, began to knit again with the cable needle oriented in the wrong direction.

Katie came to me, unsure about how to proceed, so we set to work fixing her cable knitting.

Here’s Katie’s mis-crossed cable (the one at the top.)  While she was knitting it, she twisted the cable needle, so that the first stitch she knit from it should have been the last one she knit.


Diagnose missteps


The first thing we did was to gently rip out the last two rows of cable knitting.  The cable cross itself, and the row above.


Remove mistakes

This allowed us to put the stitches back on the needle, all organized and ready to be re-crossed:

Organize stitches


Here’s the cable after Katie re-knit it. Perfect!

Now, with Katie intent on finishing her cuff, Oliver worries she may spend more time learning to knit cables and less time being besties. That is, unless . . .

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    Barbara Repko

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