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Magic in the Middle Cakes!

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Magic in the Middle CakeSometimes, the greatest secrets are hidden in the most unlikely places. This is true not only in life, but in the world of cake, too! While most cakes are decorated after being frosted, wearing their decorations for all the world to see, others keep their sweet splendor hidden in the middle. These cakes have extraordinary interiors! Read more »

Super Sweet Sixteen Cakes

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Sweet Sixteen Cakes More formal than a regular birthday party but not quite as serious or fancy as a wedding, a sweet sixteen birthday is the perfect occasion to create a treat that reflects a teen's unique personality and tastes. These lovely cake decorating ideas will give you a place to begin for choosing your own cake decorating adventure! Read more »

How to Make Ruffled Buttercream Cakes

By Wendy McGowan
Ruffled Buttercream CakesChances are, you’ve noticed ruffled buttercream cakes in magazines; now you can learn to make them! Don’t worry, these cakes are fast, fun, easy to learn and everyone loves them! Read more »

Master-Piece of Cake: Art Inspired Cakes

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Famous Art Inspired CakesA beautifully decorated cake can be a piece of art. But cakes decorated to resemble famous pieces of art raise the bar to cake masterpiece! This collection of master-morsels are evidence that what is great on the palette can also prove delightful to the palate. Read more »

Star Wars Cakes: Adventures in Cake Decorating

By Craftsy
Yoda CakeIs there a birthday boy in your life? Make him a Star Wars cake! Fun, adventure, and fantasy all portrayed in a festive cake---the perfect way to celebrate his big day! Here are some Star Wars cakes that our very own Craftsy members made and posted in our Projects section. Read more »

Beautiful Cakes from the Austin Cake Competition

By Craftsy
Beautiful CakeThey say everything’s bigger in Texas. The 9th annual Capital Confectioner’s show in Austin last weekend was certainly no exception: “That Takes the Cake” brought out big talent, big heart, and most importantly, big, beautiful cakes. Take a look for yourself, here! Read more »
Finding Dory fondant cupcake topper

Learn to Paint a Realistic Iris

By Craftsy
How to paint an eye-irisMike McCarey is the master of awe-inspiring, daring, and totally unique cake designs. In this free video tip, he shares with you his secret to painting a stunning, realistic iris! Read more »

How to Support Your Cakes

By Craftsy
How to support your cake with strawsAs you build a grand cake, you don't want the bottom layers of it getting crushed. Have no fear, because cake decorating expert Mike McCarey is here to show you how to support your cakes in this free video tip from Craftsy! Read more »