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How to Make Fondant Pearls

By Wendy McGowan
Fondant PearlsBeautiful fondant pearls can be used in many ways to enhance cakes of any style. You will love how fast and easy fondant pearls can be created! Read more »

Sprinkles, Demystified: An Explanation of All Types

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Types of SprinklesWithin the broad category of sprinkles, there are many names, shapes, and sizes: nonpareils, hundreds-and-thousands, jimmies, sanding sugar, pearl sugar, and dragees. Confused? No wonder. Here’s a quick guide to demystifying the different types of sprinkles. Read more »

How to Make Fondant Swag Drapes

By Wendy McGowan
Fondant SwagsCreating swags (or draping) is a great technique for adding beauty to any cake. Though this technique has been around for many years, it’s still holding its place among the list of classic techniques that never go out of style. Learn how to make fabulous fondant swags! Read more »

How to Make Isomalt Jewels

By Wendy McGowan
Isomalt JewelsEdible sugar jewels are all the rage! They are fun, beautiful and add class to any cake! Isomalt is the perfect sugar to work with, because it stays crystal clear and is extremely versatile. Enjoy this step by step tutorial for making edible sugar jewels! Read more »

Gorgeous Cakes from the National Capital Area Cake Show

By Craftsy
Flower CakeThis being my first cake show, I was not quite sure what to expect when it came to the competition. Art Deco was the theme of the show for the judged cakes. There also a competition for a 5th Anniversary of the NCACS cake. I found myself quickly floored at the intricacy displayed on the competitive cakes! Read more »

How to Color Modeling Chocolate

By Wendy McGowan
How to Color Modeling ChocolateYou will love how easy and fast it is to color modeling chocolate. Lift your cakes to the next level with beautiful colors using this versatile medium! Read more »